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Damon Sabatini & S&W Construction Group nail down 5 tips for hiring the right contractor

Damon Sabatini

Home projects require more than just a toolbox. A contractor has everything you need to get the job done. But Damon Sabatini knows that finding the right contractor isn’t as easy as reaching for a hammer. The stakes are high. One error can turn your dreams of an upgraded space into an absolute nightmare. It’s not enough to find just any contractor. You need the right contractor.

In Livingston Manor, NY, that choice is S&W Construction Group. Since 2000, owner Damon Sabatini has completed a wide range of commercial and residential construction services. From start to finish, Sabatini and his team have delivered turnkey projects. For this work, S&W Construction Group has been honored as a Best Building Award winner.

Yet you don’t have to live near the Catskills to benefit from his expertise. He can help you find an experienced contractor, no matter where you call home. With this in mind, the seasoned professional has constructed five steps for hiring the right contractor.

Do your research

It doesn’t start with a drill or a saw. The most important tool might just be your keyboard. Start by looking online. A simple Google search produces endless scrolls of contractors in your area. Browse prospective companies and their websites. Pay close attention to the services offered, as well as before-and-after photos. Read through reviews, especially those found on independent sites.

Seek recommendations

Now’s the time to phone a friend. Ask friends, family, and neighbors. Chances are that someone you know has hired a contractor at some point. Draw on these personal, first-hand experiences as you make your shortlist. But be cautious. Damon Sabatini warns against weighing any reviews or advice too heavily. Just your gut and your own research.

Meet with candidates

Now is the time to reach out to some prospective companies directly. Discuss your project, anticipated timeline, expectations, and any other relevant details. This is also an opportunity to ask questions about their credentials and qualifications. Then, schedule an appointment at your home so you can walk the property. This enables the contractor to demonstrate their knowledge and provide a more accurate estimate.

Solicit bids

Any contractor you hire works for you. These companies should want your business. Approach your project with this mindset as you get estimates. But money alone shouldn’t be the deciding factor. If an estimate is extremely low compared to the others, Damon Sabatini encourages you to toss it out. This is a red flag. It’s an indicator that the contractor missed something, uses an inferior product, or intends to take some shortcuts.

Draw up a contract

Before signing on the dotted line, put everything in writing. At a minimum, the contract should include materials, start date, anticipated completion date, payment schedule, and proof of insurance. The goal is to have a document that details each step of the project and clearly defines expectations. A contract isn’t just for you. As Damon Sabatini states, it protects both parties.

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