CYVO Token Officially Launched for Pre-Sale on PinkSale Launchpad

Emerging new blockchain security & data protection altgem project CYVO is officially launched for pre-sale on PinkSale launchpad for the global crypto community to be part off!

PinkSale Pre-sale 

With the goals to develop its products and build a global community, CYVO has officially partnered with PinkSale Launchpad, a premier decentralized launchpad that allows users to launch their own token and create their own initial token sale. PinkSale’s partnership with CYVO includes an exclusive pre-sale campaign prior to its centralized exchange listings with future activations in the works. Users will get advanced access to 4,999,500 CYVO tokens during the presale, with 100,000 USDT Softcap and 150,000 USDT Hardcap respectively. 

The exclusive pre-sale will only be available to users from 1 December 2022 to 13 December 2022 before the projected aforementioned listing plans. 

To participate in the official pre-sale, users can head on over to:

Who is CYVO?

As the crypto community realises the importance of decentralized storage and self-custody, they are actively looking for solutions to maintain their security in WEB3. This is where CYVO, an emerging new face in the blockchain security field, is actively building an ecosystem that prioritizes blockchain and the data security of its users. 

Launched in early 2022, CYVO started its journey into the blockchain space with a keen focus on development and technology. Its mission is to create a secure ecosystem of solutions that gives WEB3 users the power to control their own data and security and prevent malicious hacks from happening. To ensure this mission CYVO will be launching a multitude of blockchain solutions that include an Ultra-Secure OS, Web Browser, Digital Asset Wallet, and Decentralized Stealth Storage. 


About the CYVO Token

In addition to its products, CYVO has also created its very own utility token named CYVO, which powers the entire ecosystem and solutions. It is an ERC20-compliant token with a total supply of 1,500,000,000 CYVO Tokens, allocated for various activities that include product development, marketing, treasury, staking, public sales etc. It is primarily built based on a circular economy where users will be able to purchase the ecosystem’s solutions with the CYVO tokens. Furthermore, future utilities will include the ability for users to earn the tokens whilst using the products in a redeeming manner. 

Future Developments.

Regarding future developments, CEO Ann Frank stated that “CYVO has entered the blockchain space knowing the importance and value of cybersecurity and WEB3 security. Unlike the many players out there we are committed to developing solutions that are effective for people, organizations, and institutions who are looking to move from WEB2 to WEB3”

 She additionally mentioned, “We are here to make sure that users have the confidence and opportunity to leverage blockchain technology in a seamless & transparent manner with the CYVO Ecosystem.”


About CYVO

CYVO’s Ultra-Secure Digital Assets are for discerning users who value their privacy and data securdata securityity. With post-quantum encryption & blockchain, cyber security, cyber security; CYVO is always on guard with innovative security products like the Ultra Secure OS, Digital Asset Wallet, Web Browser & Decentralized Storage. To learn more about the solutions, visit 


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