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Cypaw: The Latest Mobile Privacy App for Complete Control

June 2022 – Cypaw is a new mobile privacy app created by two enterprising University friends: Adam Pritchard and Ryan Bosley. The founders of this new app have been friends for many years – fueled by their mutual interest in technology and online privacy. “Cypaw first came about as a means to facilitate people taking back control of their online lives,” says Co-founder Ryan Bosley. The company has a strong focus on restoring power back to the everyday person. Technology plays such a large role in the everyday lives of consumers, and as a result, it is often difficult to keep track of where personal data is stored and how it is used online.

The trick to taking back control of data privacy is first to identify just how widespread a consumer’s data is. Everyone has a wide net of companies to which they have signed up to over the years. People might wonder, “why should I care about a website I signed up for 5 years ago?” The answer is simple. The company whose website you signed up for 5 years ago very likely still stores your personal information. All it takes is for that company to suffer a data breach and a consumer’s personal information can now be easily accessed and abused by whoever stole it. It is even very common for the criminals who steal this data to sell it on the web – meaning even more people could gain access to this sensitive information.

This is where Cypaw comes into play. This revolutionary app allows users to view all of the online websites they have signed up to with their email address. This could date back years and show consumer’s websites that they have long forgotten about signing up for. On average Cypaw is seeing its users have over 350 online accounts, most of which were forgotten about.

“We all remember companies pestering us with GDPR updates back in 2018, but how many of us actually know what these data rights are and how to exercise them?” probes Co-founder Adam Pritchard. The idea was right, but the execution was a misstep. This is why Cypaw has automated the process of executing digital rights.’

Being compromised in a hacking incident and having data stolen seems to be a by-product of the internet age that continues to plague consumers. Knowing this, Adam and Ryan ensured this was tackled with Cypaw. Most people are unaware if they have been in a data breach, and this increases the risk of financial loss significantly. Another notable issue is when people reuse their passwords, which is a common occurrence. If this reused password is leaked, hackers have the ‘keys to the kingdom.’ Hackers buy lists (in the millions) of email and password combinations that they try on every popular service, be it financial or entertainment, in an attempt to gain access to your accounts. This means that any leaked password could compromise countless other accounts that are held by a single person. The first step to help mitigate this is for consumers to delete their account with a company after they have stopped using their service. Of course, this only works as a preemptive strategy, which is why Cypaw has a database of publicly available breached data. This has been collected from and around the open and dark web so that consumers can see if their email address has been leaked online with a specific password.

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Receiving high levels of spam emails is another factor of everyday life that consumers seem to have accepted. “I stopped feeling like my personal email address belonged to me, which is why I made sure users could tackle this within Cypaw,” states Adam, Cypaw CEO. Not only can having a large intake of spam emails to sort through be a headache for people, but it can also put them at a higher risk of falling for a cyber attack. Cypaw can help consumers keep control of their inbox by easily unsubscribing, and reducing the number of spam that they receive.

The Cypaw team is releasing their newest update that allows users to access the app entirely for free through the introduction of an in-app currency that can be earned by completing privacy actions. The update will be going live across both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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