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Cynet Introduces New Tool to Identify and Remove Cybersecurity Threats: Interview with Eyal Gruner, the CEO of Cynet.

Cynet recently announced a Free Incident Response (IR) Tool to remediate cybersecurity breaches. As pioneers in automated threat discovery and mitigation, this free offering for organizations identifies critically exposed attack surfaces and provides actionable knowledge of attacks that are currently alive and active in the environment. Eyal Gruner, the CEO of Cynet will be discussing this further with us in this interview.

Please tell us your name, about yourself and your experience in IT security?

My name is Eyal Gruner, co-founder and co-CEO of Cynet. I also founded and am the former CEO of BugSec, Israel’s leading cyber consultancy. Prior to that, I was founder and CEO of Versafe, which was acquired by F5 Networks in 2013. My career began at age 15 by hacking into my bank’s ATM to show the security weaknesses. Since that time, I have been recognized in Google’s security Hall of Fame for my efforts in the security space.

What is Cynet and what does your company do?

Cynet has developed a security platform that protects organizations from breaches by automated discovery and mitigation of all threat vectors across all attack stages. Cynet 360 is the first solution that protects the entire environment, by correlating users, files, network traffic and host activities with a complete set of threat prevention and detection tools joined by pre-set and custom auto-remediation policies for post-compromise activity. By unifying all aspects of breach protection in a single interface, Cynet eliminates the need for multi-product security stacks, and the dependency on high-level security skills.

Tell us about the Cynet 360 Incident Response Tool, how does it work and what specific solutions are you providing?

The Cynet 360 Incident Response Tool provides automated threat discovery and remediation actions to cybersecurity threats promptly. Capabilities include full environmental visibility, precise threat knowledge and complete remediation actions such as the isolation of infected hosts, disablement of compromised user accounts, removal of malicious files and blocking of risky network connections. Responders can also craft custom remediation policies for automated threat blocking and removal.

What makes the Cynet 360 IR Tool unique from other Incident Response services in the market? Do you have any success stories to share with us?

The Cynet 360 IR Tool was very recently announced and success stories are on the horizon, but key features that separate it from others include instant visibility into any host, file, process, logs, network traffic or user activities and the acquisition of verdict, attack scope, and all indicators immediately. Responders are provided with single pane of glass management and can use the solution’s central management to distribute other open source IR tools across the environment. The solution provides accurate, real-time threat knowledge that is auto-generated by the Cynet 360 correlation engine. Responders conduct deep-dive investigations and can leverage granular forensic tools to conduct end-to-end investigations. Additionally, it is possible to proactively hunt for threats using known and local IOCs.

What are the impacts of cyber threats to the global economy in 2019 and what are the challenges for cybersecurity professionals?

Analysts have estimated that the quantity of data stolen by cybercriminals could rise by as much as 175 percent over the next five years. Add to that uncertainties in the global economy and 2019 looks set to be a challenging year for cybersecurity professionals. Regarding these challenges, Gartner has noted that coping with increasingly sophisticated and aggressive cyber-attacks in a cost-effective manner has required responders to seek incident response solutions adapted to today’s modern IT security environment.

At what stage of development is the Cynet 360 Incident Response Tool and what is next on your roadmap?

The Cynet 360 Incident Response Tool is a no-charge solution that is part of the Cynet 360 security Platform. It is ideal for incident response service providers and enterprises to ensure the fast identification and remediation of cybersecurity attacks. While the tool is new, the broader platform is a mature product with hundreds of enterprise customers actively using the solution. As with all cybersecurity solutions, the technology roadmap evolves as the threat matrix changes over time.

Could you tell us about your professional team and support staff?

Cynet is unique in that the company not only maintains a staff of developers, but also a complete team of expert support professionals who remain on standby for customers with urgent cybersecurity concerns and Cynet’s large team is capable of supporting large enterprise system and support requirements as needed.

Do you have more information for our readers?

Cyber defense technologies have proven themselves as robust and efficient against advanced cyberthreats. The challenge now is to have all these technologies integrated in a product that is easy to deploy and manage by common IT\security teams while maintaining the high level of robustness and efficiency. Significant, cross-industry upgrade of organizations’ resilience against cyber threats – common and advanced variants alike – depends on cyber protection becoming a commodity. That’s what we’ve tried to achieve in building Cynet 360 platform

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