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CyberWorld emerges as the fastest auto-compounding protocol in the world of Decentralized Finance.

CyberWorld is the newest protocol in decentralized finance. 

CyberWorld is classified as a native token on the protocol, which also serves as the network’s “native currency.” The protocol equips RFI properties and is equipped with innovative technologies and features that other forks lack. The CyberWorld platform is specially designed to be automated and extremely efficient. Cyberworld today announced that its platform provides users with an 0.018% increase in their assets every 10 minutes. All rebase interests are paid in “$CyberWorld token” along with many other utilities, also providing the facility of protocol governance. 

“One of the most exciting aspects of the Cyber World Protocol is an automatic token burn system known as The Burning Pit,” said the spokesperson for CyberWorld. “This prevents the circulating supply from becoming unmanageable.” “The Burning Pit consumes 2.0 percent of all $Cyber World Token market sales and is consumed in a single transaction. $CyberWorld holders now have a simple and elegant staking and rewards system” he further added.

The spokesperson continued, “To support its price and rebase rewards, the Cyber World employs a complex set of factors. It includes the $CyberWorld Clock Insurance Fund, (CIF) which acts as an insurance fund. Cyber World Protocol ensures price stability and long-term viability. Using a ‘positive rebase’ formula, Cyber World allows token distribution to be paid directly proportional to epoch rebase reward. The $CyberWorld token is always kept in your wallet, so it is never given to a third party or centralized authority. ”

By holding tokens, buyers will automatically receive rewards in their wallets. This eliminates the need for any complicated staking processes. “Through the automation of the entire procedure, all rewards from the staking pool are automatically transferred,” said the spokesperson. “When someone purchases Cyber World, the price per $Cyber World rises, and the ratio above changes to account for this. The same is true for sales in the opposite direction. Liquidity allows anyone to buy and sell their CyberWorld BNB at any time, but the less money (liquidity) there is in the pool, the lower the price one can receive.  “Our liquidity management system adds more liquidity to that pool on its own, thereby resolving that issue.” is superior when compared with Olympus DAO Fork, Wonderland, TaiChi DAO and Rome DAO. CyberWorld is not a fork of Olympus DAO. Its Blockchain is BSC and it aims to provide forever yield farming. The distribution of all rewards is followed by an automated process, so no user misses any payment and provides automated returns. The decentralized finance platform has an RFI feature and follows a rebase token strategy.

Cyber World provides a safer token structure than most other offerings with the $CyberWorld insurance fund. The fund holds 2% of all trading fees, which helps sustain and back the staking rewards. Prices are stabilized and the downside risk is greatly reduced.

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Company Name: CyberWorld

Contact Person :  Terry Junior



City: Seattle

State: Washington

Country : USA

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