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Neiman Marcus Data Breach Affects Millions of Customers

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The Neiman Marcus data breach has affected millions of customers. Hackers stole credit card information and personal details from hundreds of transactions in the past year. 

This is not the first time that a major retailer’s customer data has been compromised. Target experienced a similar event, where hackers gained access to 40 million customer records before being discovered.

What Is the Neiman Marcus Data Breach?

Neiman Marcus is one of the most well-known luxury retailers in the world. The company operates over 40 stores across North America and has an online presence, which makes up a large part of its business model. However, recently they announced that hackers had gained access to some customer data on their systems, potentially compromising sensitive information.

How It Has Affected Neiman Marcus’ Operations

This data breach affected Neiman Marcus operations because they were forced to pay for credit monitoring services and legal fees. Additionally, the company had to apologize publicly about this breach as it was a massive setback in their public image and strained customer trust.

Other repercussions included: 

Reexamining and Advancing Their Security Systems

Neiman Marcus, Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit, and other major retailers have been hit with data breaches in the past year. As they reexamine their security systems and cybersecurity strategies to prevent future attacks, they must consider how consumers affected by these breaches may be impacted.

Damaging Their Reputation

This breach comes in the wake of several other major retail information breaches, such as Target and Home Depot, over the past year. Additionally, this is not the first time Neiman Marcus was hacked, further damaging their reputation.

In September 2013, the high-end department store Neiman Marcus announced a breach that compromised data for over one million customers. The attack was confirmed to have occurred between July 16 and October 30. It is thought that hackers used an unidentified vendor’s computer as their access point into the system, where they stole credit card numbers and personal information.

More Efforts on Current Customers

The data breach does not affect customers who shopped at Neiman Marcus’s stores but only those that made purchases online or via its loyalty program. The company has set up a toll-free number for concerned customers and says it will offer free identity theft protection services to anyone with questions about the incident.

How the Breach Affected Customers

The data breach affected more than 400,000 customers in the United States and Puerto Rico. It also impacted customers in Canada.

Credit Card Information

Credit card information has been stolen from nearly all of the company’s stores, including Bergdorf Goodman and Last Call. According to reports by Re/code, credit card information has not yet leaked online but is said to have several hackers demanding payment for their return.


Customers who shop at Neiman Marcus stores may be affected by a reported data breach that occurred in the past. As a result, Neiman Marcus is recommending that customers review their accounts, credit reports and contact them for suspicious activity, as there is no way to determine how many people were impacted or if any fraudulent charges have been made against the account.

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