CXCherries NFTs launch, championing women online by telling their digital stories

CXCherries NFTs launch

Ad Astra, the NFT agency that specialises in connecting traditional artists, collectors, and galleries with end-to-end NFT services, has collaborated on a new project called CXCherries, which champions women in the age of the internet.

As part of the project, 12 limited edition animated video cherries will be created as NFTs. Each one will be tied to an MP3 audio file of a different woman presenting her own digital experience on the internet. After the limited edition Cherries are launched, 100 Mini Cherries will be rolled out to invite wider community involvement and access. These will be uniquely numbered and coloured.

From there, future launches will coincide with collaboration with brands, charities and causes, and discounts and benefits will be provided to Cherry holders. CXCherries will also be launching a podcast featuring extended discussions with their Cherry Contributors.

Ad Astra will help roll out the project, providing creative direction, NFT creation, legal support, and continued community management.

The creator of the project, who has chosen to remain anonymous, said,  “The idea is to encapsulate the present and future for women in the web3 space; we want to highlight women as they are – strong, witty, powerful, and present. CXCherries is about capturing a unique moment for women in this space, and about centring women and their identities as the reinventors of design, escapism, and tech.”

“We’re hoping, with this NFT project, to move away from the identity of these women in relation to men, instead fostering genuine conversation, support, and engagement around their own explorations and achievements. Cherries hold deep-rooted sexual connotations, with a particularly female slant, and in using this imagery for our project, we’re excited to be challenging these associations by contrasting that imagery with the rawness and humanity of the connected audio snippets.”

CEO and Founder of Ad Astra Emily Wigoder added, “NFTs can be used as a medium for artistic movements, creative expression, and social engagement. It is also a medium which fully embraces the digital age, and with CXCherries, we have found a new way to capture, explore, and eternalise the experiences of women on the internet in 2022.”

“We are thrilled to be working on this project and will be keeping a keen eye out for similarly minded artists, creators and innovators to contribute towards its dynamic growth over the coming years. Through this project, as well as our other collaborations, we are excited to help creatives to express themselves in the still relatively new world of Web3 and NFTs,” said Wigoder.

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