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CVN main network coming soon

Web3.0 paradigm layer2 network at “World Blockchain Summit”

The Conscious Value Network (CVN Network), went live on October 15, 2021 Dubai time with the beta network Dubai Beta.

The launch of the Dubai Beta means that CVN’s journey to build a Web 3.0 paradigm layer2 network ecosystem is officially launched.

Application-based blockchains and miners from all over the world are welcome to join the CVN network to build a more open, fairer and safer next-generation Internet and unleash the innovative potential of Web3.0.

The World Blockchain Summit 2021 kicked off in Dubai on October 13.

Official information shows that the World Blockchain Summit, launched by the Dubai government in 2018, is the first and largest blockchain technology and application exhibition in the Middle East and North Africa. The summit was held at the Dubai World Trade Center for four days from October 13 to 16 and was attended by heavyweight guests from international companies such as IBM, Google, the UAE National Archives, the Emirates Post Group and members of the Dubai royal family.

During the conference, as a silver sponsor and invited project party, CVN team introduced and demonstrated the power of CVN Web3.0 paradigm layer2 main network infrastructure, ecological application platform and landed business to bring change to many top developers, innovative technology companies and strong investors from all over the world through exhibitions, conferences, seminars and forums.

James Sung, co-founder of CVN Conscious Value Network, was an invited guest speaker, delivering his insights from the perspective of transformational breakthroughs, eco-applications, mining deployments and distributed cyberspace destiny communities, and announcing the CVN Beta Network: Dubai Beta for global users, communities, eco-builders, investors and supporters on October 15. The Dubai Beta will be launched on October 15.

James said that the CVN project has experienced 4 years of development through the collaborative efforts of global technical staff, based on ecological facilities, industry resources, technology accumulation. The project has achieved a breakthrough in 2021, completing a new upgrade of the Web 3.0 paradigm layer2 main network. “CVN has been completely redesigned from scratch and the final polish is ready, and we believe it is ready to launch.”

The new CVN is positioned with VRF consensus algorithm layer2 main network + PoSt temporal proof decentralized storage, with distributed storage cloud + BaaS operating system + ecological scenario application platform as the core business line; plus on-chain and off-chain DAO governance, expanding the maximum number of nodes to 2100, maximizing decentralization; overlaying PoSt consensus, supporting both traditional HTTP interface and IPFS file transfer protocol, layering book consensus and storage proof consensus, building out a fast and stable blockchain underlay.

As one of the first decentralized storage projects in layer2 network, CVN’s main goal is to provide infrastructure services such as storing and distributing data streams, messaging, peer-to-peer bookkeeping, variable resource updates, storing code and data from DApps such as insurance, payment channels, and blockchain data.

We primarily use the ZK Rollup technology solution that provides low transaction fees and high throughput and ensures security by tracking the history of state roots and hashes per batch, making CVN networks faster, more secure and cost-effective. This also allows users to store assets in ZK Rollup with layer1 security and bundle multiple transactions together to execute simultaneously as a single transaction on the same layer. At the same time, it enables users to interact with layer2 contracts, enabling efficient interaction between layer1 and layer2.

We have now developed the ZK Rollup proof algorithm as a class of miners, creating a layer2 verifier node architecture which allows participants to efficiently pool their storage capacity and bandwidth resources in order to give these services to all participants of the network, while receiving incentives from Ether.

Returning to the origin of the underlying infrastructure, we believe that Web3.0 projects that are not pragmatic and poorly positioned for the role of blockchain would be difficult to be commercialized.

bound to fall into the quagmire of being uncommercial. Therefore, we decided that after the main CVN network goes online, a number of unique DApps will also come online one after another. These early decentralized applications are mainly to demonstrate the energy of the CVN network to developers and users, and at the same time, form a strong value support for CVNT.

1) Universal blockchain storage cloud, capable of supporting comprehensive services such as storage, indexing and retrieval of enterprise level and complex DApp data.

2) use cases of layer2 network in SocialFi, GameFi, NFT and Metaverse domains, such as

SocialFi system, which combines Social and Finance to build a perfect and self-consistent economic system for users, where everyone can gain revenue through their social influence and circle value.

-Earn Games game economic system, for global excellent game CP, NFT project parties, meta-universe (concept/board) token parties, play GameFi + NFT decentralized digital economic potential, through GameFi Launchpad, NFT smart contract platform, pledge mining and machine gun pool, one-click IDO platform, and The five business segments of the offline gold playing union provide multiple benefits for all users.

3BaaS platform, which provides modular development functions and cloud platform tools, allowing developers to focus on how blockchain can be applied on top of their own business logic, rather than delving into the difficult issues of coding.


lifecloud video content distribution platform and player, riding on the rise of NFT, plans to build a decentralized original content distribution platform and an innovative original content analysis system covering content distribution, search, playback, quality content investment in and distributed DSN (streaming network), i.e., the blockchain version of the underlying cloud, supporting including design, art, music, film and television, etc. content, not limited to audio, video, manuscript, pictures and other formats of NFT sharing.


Support users to put username, password, private key, fingerprint, face and all personal privacy data in decentralized storage space for storage, management and identity authentication; also allow users to verify their identity through blockchain for various on-chain governance, DeFi and other digital identity application scenarios, e.g., become a tool for developers to add new identity algorithms and get trusted statements from the network, etc.

The following is the schedule of events related to Dubai Beta launch, subject to Dubai time.

October 15, 05:00 all charge withdrawals will be closed, 06:00 check of the imputation status, 07:00 wallet closure, CVNT mining test network Dubai Beta launch.

The test network is expected to take two weeks, and the charging and withdrawing will restart after the main network goes online.

October 15th-25th

1) Verification node mining and super node mining internal testing.

2) Storage mining is launched in the test network Dubai Beta, using the invitation system, in which 2-3 mining teams are expected to be invited.

3) The teams participating in the test network storage mining are able to use the processor or graphics card to mine through the unique algorithm and the amount of storage capacity. The faster the P-disk, the higher the probability of mining CVNT, which can be panned to the main network later.

4) In order to better protect the interests of mining participants in the main network, CVNT will be output according to the informal mining output during the testing period of the test network.

October 26th

The new green mining model: VRF super node lossless pledge mining; ethereum layer2 verifier node mining; PoStspace-time proof storage space mining opens one after another.

Finally, to all community members, supporters and future participants of the ecology of CVNT

CVN Test Network: Dubai Beta online means the project ecology is launched, and the subsequent business actions will make sense and will not become a non-starter. It means that a large number of DApps can be developed on it and really start to be tested by users. Next, how to get more developers, miners, users and investors to participate in the ecology will become the direction we focus our efforts.

We believe that no matter how much blockchain stumbles, it will definitely move forward and even push the development of humanity.

However, we also understand that Web 2.0 has taken more than a decade of development and continuous improvement by so many smart people around the world to achieve what it has today, and the time required for Blockchain Web 3.0 to become a mainstream adopted network is not likely to be short.

The launch of Dubai Beta is a milestone event for CVN, and we believe that this is just the beginning. Take action, have patience and persevere to welcome our expected era.


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