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Cuyler Goodwin Talks On Why Do People Go To Church?

Why do people attend Church?

Why do people attend Church?

The church has always been where people come to socialize, worship, and fellowship. The early Christians would meet in houses for prayers, study, and teaching. They would also gather with other believers to celebrate special feasts such as Easter and Christmas. These gatherings became known as “meeting places.”

The early church did not have buildings dedicated specifically to meetings; they gathered in whatever houses were available. Even today, most churches are built this way because it is much easier than building a new building each time there is an attendance increase.

In the early days, people tend to think of church as something you attend on Sunday morning or Wednesday night, but this is not the case anymore. Most churches now hold open communion services weekly and Sunday mornings at 10:30 am (or earlier if needed). It means that several times during the week, people can get together and talk about what they believe or pray together and learn more about God through Bible studies and small group sessions.

People might choose to go to church due to several reasons. For some, it is a place of worship and contemplation where they can feel close to their God or gods. For others, it is a sense of community and belonging, a place where they can feel supported by like-minded individuals. Still, others may find solace in the ritual and tradition of church or in the message of hope and love that is often central to religious teachings. Whatever the reason, for many people, the church is an important part of their lives.

As per Dr. Cuyler Goodwin, People go to church for many reasons, such as :

They feel they need God’s help in their lives.

They may have troubles such as fear, worry, or sadness. Or they may have health problems. 

They may have a problem with the law or money problems. Or they may have difficulties in other areas of life.

They want to be with people who like them and enjoy the same things. 

They do not want to go alone; they want someone else to be there with them. However, since we cannot all be together all at once (because of the physical limits involved), we have a choice: 

  • We can stay home alone.
  • We can come together in a group and share everything together-our hopes and dreams, our fears, our joys and sorrows in a way that makes us stronger and more united than if we were alone.

Some people go to church because they are worried about what others think of them. 

They don’t want to be thought of as bad people, so they want to show through their behavior that they are good people who belong in God’s kingdom.

They want to be around happy people 

According to Dr. Cuyler Goodwin, people go to church because they want to be around other people who are happy and content with life on earth. They want to learn from those who are more successful than themselves so that when it comes time for them to die, they will be ready for heaven instead of being sorry for themselves because they weren’t able to live up to their hopes and dreams in this life on earth (Heb 11:13-16).


Cuyler B Goodwin thinks the main reason people attend church is to be a part of something. They want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. They want to join with others to feel more connected and less alone. He thinks that this is why so many people go to church. They like being around other people but also feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. It also helps them feel more comfortable talking with others about their faith and what it means for them because they know that everyone else also feels the same way about it.”

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