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Cutting the expenses of a long road trip

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Are you planning to go on a long road trip with friends or loved ones? You’ll agree that vacations can be pretty expensive. Even if you embark on a road trip with your own car, the costs can add up really quickly. But thankfully, there are several ways or simple things to do to save money.

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That said, here’s how you can cut the expenses of a long road trip, though this depends on what you eat along the way and where you go.

Pack your own food

The cost of food is no longer a joke, as inflation is spiking the prices of almost everything. However, you can cut expenses by packing your own food. Unfortunately, buying food or eating out on your road trip will quickly deplete your budget so don’t get carried away.

You can bring a cooler packed with sandwiches and other imperishable snacks, at least for the first two days. This will prevent you from stopping at every drive-thru each time your beloved stomach grumbles.

Choose your routes carefully

Does picking the right travel routes cut the expenses of a long road trip? You bet it does! Most people on a road trip prefer traveling along the most picturesque routes. But the truth is that taking such routes is not always economical.

Therefore, schedule your road trip to get in early enough to get a good night’s sleep. If you have to cut several corners or take a different route, please feel free to do so if it will cut down on expenses.

Cut the coffee

There’s nothing wrong with loving Starbucks. But the truth is that Starbucks also loves your hard-earned money. Coffee is a daily expense in many people’s lives, and it quietly drains their bank accounts with zero suspicion. That amount of money you spend on coffee daily adds up quickly to a hefty sum per month.

But you can give up your cup of Joe to save a little more money for your proposed road trip.

Split the costs with your friends

Since you will be going on a road trip with friends, consider splitting the costs with them. Road-tripping with your crew will help you cut costs on food, gas, and even lodging. Split purchases and pay one another back within seconds with a mobile application.

You can keep some money in your app account, get the money back to your bank, or use your debit card for other spending needs.

Get the best value accommodation

One of the most efficient ways to save money on road trips is by securing cheap but hospitable accommodation. However, you may need to make reservations ahead of time. Some hotels offer several list rooms for cheaper when booked ahead of time.

Therefore, book as much accommodation as you can. This ensures you have a room waiting which you have already gotten at the best price. This should be relatively easy if you have already picked out your route.

But before booking any accommodation, compare hotels on different sites. Many hotels are listed at different rates, so comparing hotels helps you get the best deals.

Some hotels may not have their own websites but have discounted rates or specials. In this case, drop them a mail or an email or give them a call to get an idea of how much a bed will cost.

You can also research the going rates for rooms along the route you plan to take on your road trip. This gives you an excellent chance of finding good places to stay and paying far less than those who didn’t bother researching or requesting special deals.

Consider camping

The previous tip suggested getting the best value accommodation. However, you can do one better: camp at night during your road trip.

You will find several free campsites along the road where any traveler can catch some sleep without paying a single penny. A few campsites even have some facilities you can utilize, but these are paid options.
However, don’t let this put you off; paid campsites are cheaper than hotels or even AirBnBs. They also have nice toilets, hot showers, and even places to cook.

Take satiating snacks along with you

As you already know, bottles of water, roadside eats, etc., can add up very quickly. Therefore, ensure you go for a bulk shopping trip before hitting the road. Stock up on satiating snacks that will leave you fit to burst for several hours.

Ensure the snacks are kept well in any weather condition. Such snacks include bars, nut butter, trail mix, crackers, jerky, apples, etc. You can also get an insulated, reusable, stainless-steel water bottle that will help keep your coffee hot or water cold.

These are just some of the ways you should consider if you want to cut the costs of a long road trip. Track your spending, and you will have more than enough to fund your road trip and even have a lump sum left over after the trip.

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