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Cutting of hair in the Umrah journey of Ramadan

There are several rules and regulations for the performance of the Umrah journey at the House of Allah Almighty. To finish the Umrah tour, Muslims must perform the rituals. Hair cutting is one of these rituals. Muslims must carry out this ritual after carrying out all other rituals associated with the Umrah travel. Their Umrah journey reaches its completion after cutting their hair. If you are thinking of the performance of the Umrah journey then you must be aware of the rules of getting a haircut.

It is necessary to understand these rules before going to embark on this journey. Halq means to cut the hair of men after the completion of Umrah rituals. Taqsir means females cut their hair equal to the fingertip after the rituals. There is much more to learn about Taqsir and Halq. If you want to know more about the rules of Halq and Taqsir then you must continue to read this article. You can also take advantage of Ramadan Umrah packages with Next Flights. You can conduct Umrah in Ramadan if you take advantage of these packages.

Halq and Taqsir for Men and Women

Another question comes to the minds of pilgrims when they decide to embark on a journey. Men and women trim their hair in different ways after the completion of the Umrah journey. Men entirely shave their heads with a razor. When women complete their rituals of this journey then they perform a ritual of haircut. Before embarking on an Umrah trip with Ramadan, pilgrims must be aware of the various Halq and Taqsir rules. Cutting their hair in Umrah represents a profound act of submission, faith, and devotion, leaving pilgrims with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper connection to their Creator.

Method of Cutting

Men and women have to follow the rules and regulations when they go for the performance of the Umrah journey. Pilgrims have to cut their hair by using these rules and regulations. This is the only way in which you can cut the air after the completion of rituals at the House of Allah Almighty. Men have to bald their heads completely at the performance of Halq. Females cut their hair according to the length of their fingertips after rituals. If a man is bald then even he also has to run a razor on his head for completing the formality of the ritual.

Rules for Cutting Hair

Men have to shave their heads for Halq. Women just need to remove a small amount of hair from their heads. When you travel for Umrah with Next Flights Ramadan Umrah packages, you must adhere to these guidelines. 

For Men

Men should shave their heads entirely after the Umrah rituals are complete. Halq is advised for haircutting. Men have no permission to partially shave their heads. It is because partial Haircut is reserved for women. 

  • Even the bald person cannot relax if they have no hair on their head. To complete Halq’s rites of the Umrah voyage, he must also shave his head. 
  • Men must perform Halq with their faces turned towards the Qibla when getting their hair cut.
  • Additionally, Halq begins from the right side. It is not valid for guys if you begin it from the left side.
  • Men can also complete Halq on their own. Having a cut from a barber is not necessary for the pilgrims.

You can perform the Umrah using these Umrah package from Next flights. These packages are very affordably priced, and men must adhere to these restrictions. 

For Women

The haircut rules after conducting Umrah Rituals, for women are entirely different from those for men. 

  • To escape the Ihram state, women must cut their hair.
  • She has to have her hair half chopped. For this haircut, they have to chop their hair equal to the length of their fingertips. 
  • If a lady has short hair, she must also give it a slight trim to complete the Umrah rites after executing them. 
  • The face of the women must be at Qibla during the performance of this ritual. 


In short, both men and women have to perform this ritual at the end of the performance of the Umrah journey. They have to do it to release from Ihram state. They are leaving the Ihram state after chopping their hair. The act of cutting hair during Umrah holds great significance and symbolism for pilgrims. It marks the completion of one of the sacred rituals and serves as a powerful reminder of humility, renewal, and spiritual transformation. As the hair falls away, so do the burdens and sins of the past, making way for a fresh start and a deeper connection with the Divine. After reading this article, you must know about the Halq and Taqsir requirements for the performance of the Umrah pilgrimage. This year, Next Flights has Ramadan Umrah packages for you to choose from. 

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