Cutting head automatic avoidance laser pipe cutting machine

  • Equipment function

(一)Equipment dimension

  1. Equipment model: TH-GFPB6016 (three chucks, two chucks moving forward).
  2. Dimensions: Cutting machine bed dimensions 10767*1812*2408mm.

(二)Product Features

  1. Middle & front chuck avoidance cutting, the shortest tail material can reach 70mm.
  2. Machine bed with high-strength welded bed, professional mechanical analysis, good rigidity, and high strength.
  3. Chuck moving is driven by a servo motor, with high precision gears, high installation accuracy, high transmission torque, small transmission error, and good dynamic characteristics.
  4. The following-up support assists in cutting to ensure the accuracy of light and heavy pipe processing; the following-up support assists in unloading to ensure the accuracy of long pipe processing.
  • Working flow
  1. Manually place the raw material neatly into the magazine, the loading machine dividing component will jack up the single raw material and send it into the feeding unit, the feeding unit will feed the raw material into the cutting body, and the auxiliary support component rises to hold up the raw material, the feeding mechanism returns, the dynamic chuck moves to the grasping position to grab the raw material, push forward and push into the middle card position, the middle card clamps the pipe and the cutting starts. During the cutting process, the unloading mechanism drag wheel rises to catch the finished product. After the cutting is completed, the drag wheel descends to place the product on the ramp and drop it into the material frame. (When the raw material cutting becomes shorter, the tail card goes forward and goes to the limit position, the front card goes backward and moves to the grip position to grab the raw material, the tail card is released, backward, and the cutting head continues to cut).
  2. Three chucks cutting machine is a simple and high-efficiency cutting machine designed for the round and square pipe industry.
  3. The three-chuck cutting machine includes the loading machine, main bed, unloading mechanism, cutting room, cutting head, water chiller, laser, electrical cabinet, and other components.
  • Main configuration

This product is mainly composed of a laser, water cooling system, light guide system (laser cutting head), cutting machine tool, electrical control system, dust extraction system, etc.

  • Equipment Description

(一)Machine bed

1、The whole welded bed, has high rigidity, to ensure long-term non-deformation.

2、Improved fabric structure by mechanical analysis and repeated product practice.

3、The product is mature and reliable, and the structure is stable.

(二)Gantry structure

1、High-speed screw transmission to enhance the processing speed.

2、Enclosed protection to ensure the service life of parts.

3、High rigidity gantry structure to ensure processing stability.

(三)Cutting head components

1、Adopting aluminum alloy casting molding one-piece Z-axis main body, with precision guide screw transmission module, high precision, fast speed, and good dynamic response.

2、Z-axis modular design, mature and stable products, reliable structure.

(四)Rear chuck

1、Repeat positioning accuracy of chuck ≤ 0.15mm, rotary accuracy ≤ 0.10mm.

2、Grade 6 precision, grinding gear drive.

3、Standard clamping range 15-160mm.

4、Customized chuck jaws adapt to short tail material cutting.

(五)Middle chuck, front chuck

1、Repeat positioning accuracy of chuck ≤ 0.05mm, rotary accuracy ≤ 0.05mm.

2、Grade 6 precision, grinding gear drive.

3、Standard clamping range 15-160mm;

4、With double-row wheel roller chuck jaws to further ensure processing accuracy.

(六)Follow-up support

1、Servo motor control with a good dynamic response.

2、Gear and rack drive, high transmission accuracy.

3、Modular design, mature and stable products, reliable structure.

4、Can be used with an automatic loading machine.

(七)Follow-up unloading

1、Servo motor control follower, good dynamic response.

2、Screw drive control lift, cylinder control flip, to achieve automatic unloading

3、Modular design, mature and stable products, reliable structure.

4、When the finished product is automatically unloaded, the last section needs manual assistance to unload.

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