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Cute Ear Piercings Ideas You Must Try This Year

Getting an ear piercing is usually where one begins the journey of getting body piercings. The ear is also an area where one can get multiple piercings. This is because it has various locations that give you a different look once pierced.

Many cool ear piercing designs have evolved over time and now you can get almost endless designs, including the custom ones. The following are some of the best ear piercings ideas.

  • Glitzy Ear Piercing

Do not be obvious by getting just a single lobe piercing. Instead, go for a row of three piercings on the lobe of the ear. Get glitzy jewelry that co-joins all the piercings.

  • Layering Piercings

This piercing idea allows you to stand out. This is because you can choose how you want the layers of the piercings to look. You can choose a lobe, rook, and helix layer combination of piercings.

  • Inner Conch Piercing

Getting a piercing in the conch has become common. However, you can settle for a double piercing in that area. This piercing is not only cool, the jewelry worn on conch piercings gives you a fashionable appearance.

  • Double Piercing

Go an extra mile from the normal by getting double piercings. This applies to all areas be it the lobe, rook, or the daith. Double piercings will keep people taking glances at you especially if you wear the correct jewelry.

  • Multiple Hoop Piercings

This is one of the prettiest ear piercings ideas. The hoop has a large surface that allows you to get multiple piercings. Although this area might take a longer time to heal than the other ear piercings, multiple piercings on the loop give you an outstanding look.

  • Gold Stack Piercing

This idea is more about how you wear your jewelry. If you have multiple piercings on the ear, always ensure that you match the jewelry even when the piercings are not close to each other. The same color pattern gives you an outstanding and fashionable look.

Stacked earrings usually look great on a row of piercings. You can always pair them with studs on the helix and cartilage area.

  • Parallel Ear Piercings

Instead of getting the usual row piercings, you can have your piercings done in a parallel manner. Use simple studs as earrings to ensure that the jewelry does not hang around your ear.

  • Triple Helix Piercing

One piercing on the helix gives you a cool look now imagine getting three of them. Get triple piercings and use earrings that match your ear anatomy.

  • Daith Piercing

The daith is one of the most painful areas in the ear to get a piercing. A daith piercing takes a very long time to heal completely. However, a daith piercing will give you a very unique look. Use gold studs for this area as it is very sensitive.

  • Curved Piercing

Ignore the norm that ear piercings have to be straight. Make a curve with your piercings such that the jewelry makes a cute curve on your ear giving you an exemplary look.

  • Subtle Piercing

This piercing is like an attention seeker because it will make people take glances at your unique appearance. Studs and small earrings are the most advisable earrings for subtle piercing.

  • Stacked Lobe Piercing

Multiple ear piercings on the lobe are one very unique idea for your ear piercing. For a complete look, you can pair these multiple lobe piercings with a helix piercing. Contrast the design of the jewelry so that each part stands out on its own.

  • Tragus Piercing

A tragus piercing can be very tricky but once it heals and you get the right jewelry for it, then you get one of the best looks. Ensure that the jewelry matches that of the other parts of the ear at all times.

  • Conch Piercing

The conch ear piercings look very pretty, especially when done in doubles. The area gives you to get creative with how you get the piercings. A moon-shaped earring is best for the conch.

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