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Growing your business in this era of non-stop, constant breakthroughs in Technology requires more than guts and skill. Before, Electricity was the big criteria; it created lots of craze and changes, just like others before it. Now, more than skill, competence, and years of establishment, you need modern technology and “best IT Services” to scale up your business.

However, it is no longer a question of the necessity of IT, but of doing it the right way. It is why custom software development companies like MOOVE IT are providing the needed assistance to businesses to develop them digitally. 

Software and data are no areas to joke about in the development of your business. Mismanagement/negligence either can lead to stagnation, low marginal growth, or total shutdown of your business. The way forward is incorporating IT and software development to your operations.

Here are some indices in MOOVE IT as a software development company and what they help businesses do.   

Favorable Partnerships

For the growth and survival of any business, the partnership remains the undisputed keyword. No business/system can be solitary in operation; it needs input from other sectors/businesses. MOOVE IT does not only offer its services as a third-party but in the hope that ‘service-rendering’ becomes a long partnership.

Their core values, ethics, and principles ensure that they don’t leave any business half-way. MOOVE IT is always available to their client to share their ideas and expertise.

Quality Services

It is possible to be good at what you do but offer the wrong kind or attitude to service.  When offering custom software development ideas, MOOVE IT is very committed and dedicated to the task. Rather than sit on the periphery and observe the process, they ‘dive into the ocean’ to learn, understand, and correct the process.

These services are usually customized to the business process/system and are scalable. 

Dedicated Team and Staff

The efficiency of any program/company depends on the number of ‘dedicated’ staff. The strength of an organization’s staff is most times inconsequential compared to staff motivation. For MOOVE IT, it is all about solving business problems and giving people a chance. Where teamwork is considered a priority over individual performance, excellence is never off.

MOOVE IT has a very dedicated staff with great expertise and knowledge in tracking, planning, and executing business and decision-making problems. For them, it is always the team over the individuals. 

Range and versatility

The IT world is a broad ‘space,’ and rather than have different IT services take a look at your business process, why not trust yourself with only one. Having just one company to scale, diagnose, and advise your business/process is a more efficient and cheaper way of growing your company.

MOOVE IT can offer your business custom software development plans and services in many areas. They can offer 

  • Strategy options like; Lean product development, Project management, Product ownership
  • Technology services like; Web Development, Platform development, and  Mobile development   
  • Designs and frameworks like; Product Discovery and UI/UX Design
  • Coaching services in Technology, Methodology, and Agile adoption
  • Check how each of the models works with automated testing and continuous delivery.

Expertise and Experience

IT is moving fast, and when it comes to scouting for the best software development companies to engage in, it is prudent to go for the experience. Like what they say about “fine wine” it is the same in the IT world. Experience counts for a lot in analyzing/scaling processes, especially where such experience meshes with expertise and sound knowledge.

MOOVE IT has since its start in 2006, continued to raise the standards and improve the efficiency of many business/processes. When it comes to experience and expertise, only a few have it like them. They consult for many top companies in the industry.

Sustainability and Flexibility

Creating solutions to problems is fine, but the crucial part of IT services is to create solutions that last. Most software companies enter into a system/process without fully understanding it and the result is giving solutions that might lead to worse ends. 

When scaling/improving any business or process, the goal should be to create sustainable solutions through custom software development.  It is because systems differ from each other and therefore need a different approach to issues. 

Use of Technology and tools

Since the internet, the definition of technology has become as broad and subsuming as ever. Every process has its tech, and there are lots of numerous software for them. In building web applications, for instance, they incorporate other useful languages in addition to the use of HTML.

Web development

In addition to HTML, they now incorporate other developer languages like ReactJS, Angular JS. For quick prototyping, they use Ruby on Rails, and for full enterprise apps, they use Java.

Mobile applications

With a worthy combination of programming languages, most of their iOS apps are programmed with Objective-C and Swift. While Java or Kotlin are used to build Android products, React Native is their preferred language to build unique mobile apps for both devices. 

Backend developing

For Platform development, since efficiency is crucial, languages are used according to the best needs of the task. Ruby, Java, and NodeJS are the most used tools for their backend development. For Java services, they have a preference for Tomcat and Wildfly.  For Ruby-applications, they make use of Unicorn, Mizuno, Puma, and Passenger. While with NodeJS, it goes with Express, Koa, Hapi, or Sails.

Use of Artificial Intelligence 

In diagnosing business models/ serving problems, they also employ machine learning algorithms and techniques. It helps to clearly understand and distinguish models, visually recognize objects and patterns, and give proper advice. Some of the software used are Fuzzy logics, Genetic Algorithms, Neural Networks, Supervised and Unsupervised Algorithms.

Feedbacks and Review

One of Moove IT’s hackneyed quotes is “…partnerships beyond technology,” and they live up to that every time. 

MOOVE IT maintains touch with customers and receives honest reviews from clients. Reviews are one of the easiest ways to gain public insight into a company’s process. The numerous consulting jobs and IT services they have rendered to other clients stand impeccably for all to see. This software company’s over a dozen years of experience scattered over the country makes them long trusted partners of companies like Disney streaming services, Hulu Looking, Verifone, Biotricity, Shopify among many others.  

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