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Custom Popcorn Boxes vs Traditional Boxes- Which One to Choose?

Popcorns are your partners in all cases, amping up the joy and bliss factor while you are enjoying yourself. These munchies, when presented in sturdy custom popcorn boxes, can become the first choice of all, and speak volumes for the brand.

There is a hell of a difference between the custom printed popcorn boxes of the old times, and the current modern ones. But one thing is always common: the love of people for a box full of POPCORNS!

 Coming towards popcorn packaging boxes, they have witnessed a drastic evolution over time. The older one was unique in its own way and offered several benefits. Whereas, the current one is the more refined one. Before deciding on which one is better, one needs to explore the details of each type, which this post sheds light on.

Why are Custom Popcorn Boxes So in Demand?

Personalized popcorn boxes are created as a result of making changes to the traditional packaging, that brands refer to as the older popcorn packaging. Normally, with a better material selection, such as cardstock and Kraft, these boxes are guaranteed to boast fine looks as well as a strong and sturdy box foundation. This guarantees the safety of popcorn and keeps them as fresh and crispy as ever.

Catching the sight of the customers is what all brands strive for. The current-day popcorn boxes emphasize more on assuring the safety of surroundings, thereby using materials that guarantee minimal waste production. Also, they are recyclable and brands can save on enough costs when they opt for the customized ones.

The best thing is, at any time, brands can carry out changes to the packaging, and make it highly tailored towards its offerings and theme. These boast fine printing and finishing, and carrying out any changes on them is quite cost-friendly as compared to the older ones. To further enhance the looks and feel of these boxes, add-ons can be included as well.

Let’s deeply delve into each of the packaging types mentioned here.

Custom Popcorn Boxes: The Modern Day Packaging

Custom popcorn boxes offer a fresh look into these popcorns, urging visitors to purchase from the specific brand due to the vibrant colors and ideal portrayal. These boxes offer brands a complete room to carry out changes in the box, with respect to its shape, size, and texture.

Brands these days treat such boxes as an empty canvas, mentioning their desired details such as website address. Brand logo, contact details, and product-relevant insights as well. When presented professionally, these popcorn brands become the first choice of customers. Moreover, these are tailored towards the specific interests of the target audience. Thus, more customers are likely to get attracted to them, making such brands the hot talk. Other than this, these boxes are highly versatile and excellent branding tools.

What Benefits Do Custom Printed Popcorn Boxes Offer?

These boxes serve brands with the following benefits:

  • Getting your brand recognized is the dream of all brands. As these boxes offer an ample space to market the brand’s core offerings and details, they help to strengthen a brand’s image and reputation in the market, making it a go-to choice for all customers looking for tasty popcorn in quality packaging.
  • These boxes serve as the silent sales agents, turning up the minds of customers and urging them to make a purchase. Due to their fine display, customers would want to take a second glance at the product, and this is what adds towards a brand’s popularity.
  • Brands can even use these boxes as giveaways at events, helping to spread the word about them in the target audience and building a larger customer network.
  • Made with green materials, these boxes are the top choice of consumers who don’t want to cause harm to the environment, by any means.
  • Changes can be made to these boxes, at any time a brand wants. This option gives better clarity and freedom to brands who want to offer highly tailored experiences.

Traditional Popcorn Boxes: The Classic Ones

These boxes were popular too, in their specific time era, when customers were not familiar with customized packaging and its perks. Mostly they are made from brown cardboard, which is an excellent eco-friendly choice. However, as these boxes lack any specific design, size, or detailing, they appear the same and boring to the customers. For giving a classic cinema vibe, these boxes are a perfect choice.

What Benefits Do Traditional Popcorn Packaging Boxes Offer?

Let’s discuss a few of their advantages:

  • These are made with materials that are friendly to the environment. However, there used to be some times when brands were not aware of eco-friendly materials and had to spend extra costs to create the new boxes while polluting the surroundings due to the lesser efficiency of processes.
  • These boxes feature simplistic designs and are simple in structure, proving to be easy to carry.
  • As one cannot make changes to these boxes, they are an affordable choice requiring less printing and finishing costs.


Final Words: Which One is the Winner?

As we see the benefits of both types, it is clear that depending on the purpose, brands can opt for any type they want. This is totally up to the specific needs and goals of such brands. For those looking to market effectively and capture the interest of the target audience, custom popcorn boxes are an excellent choice, helping them stand out in the market and create a buzz. Whereas, traditional packaging also remains a steadfast choice of brands who want to save costs and prefer simplicity.

Which one is your choice? Grab your favorite boxes at the most wanted packaging destination, Packaging Mania, and get ready to stun your target audience with bespoke designs and intricate packaging details.



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