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Custom knife – definition.

Custom knife

Under the definition of a custom knife, get knives that:

  • Made by a knife maker and a significant part of the operations is done manually.
  • Made for a specific consumer, on an individual order
  • Has premium characteristics in terms of quality materials and workmanship.

The client orders a knife, and the knife maker makes a knife for a specific order.

What is the purpose of making a custom knife?

Knife lovers appreciate the importance, beauty and craftsmanship in knives. It is obvious to want to bring their own vision of beauty into the process and create the knife they envision. This allows the craftsman and client to collaborate to produce a one of a kind product. Making a custom knife reflects the ideas and experience of the person who orders it.

Custom knife

What does not fall under the definition of a custom knife?

Knives are not considered custom-made if they are offered free sale to the public in several copies. Custom knife implies a high level of participation of the master craftsman.

What makes custom knives better?

  • Blade steelThe blade steel is selected for the specific application. This allows the blade to be more durable. There is no single type of steel that is best for all applications. Therefore, considering many different types when creating a custom knife allows tuning it to the customer’s specifications. If the customer wants to get a knife with a unique pattern, then should pay attention to custom Damascus knife. The beauty of Damascus steel will emphasize the style and personality of the owner of the knife. It should be remembered that Damascus steel knives require special care – cleaning, lubrication and storage in a dry place, in order to avoid corrosion on the blade.
  • Approachability.  When an order is placed, it is because the customer does not find a knife that fits his specific needs. He needs a specific style that is not yet available and by ordering, a custom-made knife the customer can be sure to buy the knife he wants.
  • HandlesClients are usually looking for durability, shape, finish and handle integrity of their custom blade. For the handles of such knives, wood (ebony, ironwood, walnut and others), mammoth tusk, deer horn are used. Sometimes the handles of knives additionally decorate the scrimshaw.
  • FittingsOften in the manufacture of lesser-quality knives, the fittings are used that are not very carefully constructed. A qualitative knife has strong and durable fittings that do not require special care. The placement, strength and mechanical integrity of the knife is important in making a custom knife.
  • Design template. When a client wants a specific design, he may rely on the craftsman to suggest a better and more comfortable design. New knife designs are often a combination of the customer’s idea and craftsmanship of the knife maker.
  • Accessories. Accessories include lanyards, scabbards, cases and stands. They, like fittings, can be simple or sophisticated, and depend on the skill of the knife maker and the needs of the client.
  • Decorations. Decorations may include hand-engraved blades, a scabbard or an engraved stand. It plays an important role in the aesthetics of a custom knife and add personality and value to the knife.
  • ValueKnives can become a long-term investment and collectible due to their high value. In addition, the value of top quality knives will increase over time.

Custom knife

What are the deterrents to buying a custom knife?

  • StyleEach knife maker has a special signature style. It is impossible that one single craftsman can make all kinds of knives and make them well. The best craftsmen know their limitations and refuse work if it does not suit their skills.
  • PriceA custom knife often costs much more than the stocked product. To make a custom order, materials, finishes, decorations or accessories are required that may not yet be available from the manufacturer. All the main and additional details that make the knife a unique product increase the final cost. You should expect a cost of $500 minimum, and even $1000-2000.
  • TimeThis is the most important consideration when ordering a custom knife. If the craftsman is perfect in its craft, the waiting period can be long. Nevertheless, it is an eloquent factor in the value and quality of his work. 

How to order a custom knife?

When ordering custom knife, each person and knife are so unique and individual that there is no unified way to order. This aspect, in addition to making custom knives rare and valuable works of art, also complicates the work. The best way to order a custom knife is to choose a knife maker whose knives you like.

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