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Custom HRM Development for Your Business – Why It Is Important

The highly qualified and loyal staff has always been the key to a successful and prosperous business. No matter how good your idea is, without reliable like-minded people, any undertaking is doomed to failure. It is for this reason that forward-thinking business owners seek to surround themselves with brilliant employees who could bring value to the company.

You can diligently handpick experts and give them due attention exactly as long as a dozen people operate in your company. As soon as the number of employees exceeds several dozen people, you cannot do without a proper HRM system. Many businesses see custom HRM development as an ultimate solution. Why? You will find the answer to the question right in this article.

What Is HR Management Software?

Dealing with employees, cultivating leadership culture in them, and improving their hard skills is not a trivial task. Half of the HR professionals claim that their major challenge is employee retention. HRM applications can be used to solve these and many other problems.

In a nutshell, HR software suites are purchased by companies for the purpose of streamlining interactions with the staff. Such applications facilitate you keeping track of the entire employee life cycle, practicing the individual approach to each specialist, and ensuring the appropriate job satisfaction rate.

According to experts, by 2027 the global HR software market will almost reach $40B. Being initially simple in its concept, HRM tools continue to evolve into more complex software solutions. Modern HR platforms integrate a lot of additional functionality, including statistical and predictive analytics tools, elements of machine learning and artificial intelligence, workforce optimization engines, etc.

At Fively, we often encounter business owners who are not satisfied with off-the-shelf solutions. In the following, we will cover in more detail the reasons that make businesses opt for custom development.

What Are the Advantages of Bespoke HRM Systems?

There is no doubt that HRM solutions are essential for the efficient functioning of a present-day HR department. More and more companies are taking it a step further and investing in custom HRM software. Businesses are guided by an unsophisticated logic – the better their intra-company tools, the greater their competitive advantage.

Let’s find out why tailored platforms are superior to off-the-shelf applications.

Data security. Undoubtedly, custom solutions are ahead of off-the-shelf products in terms of security. Resorting to unique software tools, you can stand assured that stealing the personal data of your employees will not become an easy game for hackers. It’s a particularly pressing issue since even large companies are exposed to data breaches.

Total customization. HRM system development will allow you to get a handy tool, which is designed and built the way you want it. Every tiny detail, down to the layout and color of the buttons on the dashboard, is under your control. The same goes for functionality – you hire developers and are free to decide what options are important and what should be omitted.

Profitable investment. According to the statistics, in the long run, investing in your own HR software is much more profitable than buying off-the-shelf suites. Most importantly, you pay only once and get an application that you can use as long as it meets your requirements. Forget about overpriced subscriptions and extortionate premium modules. Just flush it!

True scalability. But if you need to update the user interface or expand the functionality, then you can always contact the software company that has developed your application. Or you can get in touch with any other engineering team. No more restrictions! You are the one and the only owner of your HR platform so you can decide for yourself when it is time to upgrade it.

Unique corporate culture. And finally, as a business owner, you better know what the team in your company should look like. You are free to focus on developing the professional skills of your employees or on the microclimate and friendly relations among your colleagues. Depending on your vision of a perfect team, you can think through all the functionality of your future HRM system.

It is not an exhaustive list including all the advantages of custom software solutions. In fact, there are many more and they can vary case by case. However, even the 5 points listed above make up a weighty argument in favor of tailored HRM systems engineering.


The real asset of any company is its employees. To find more fresh talents and keep the longtime staff engaged and motivated, it is worth utilizing HRM software. Moreover, it is an integral tool for any present-day HR specialist.

If you feel like off-the-shelf solutions are stifling your company’s growth and no longer meet your needs, then it’s probably time to start thinking about custom HRM systems. Such software solutions will allow you to establish all processes within your teams in a more meaningful way. It will be easier for HR specialists to find a common ground with the rest of the staff, who, in turn, will certainly appreciate the attention to them from a professional point of view.

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