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CurrentCoins Review: Forward-Thinking FOREX Trading and So Much More

CurrentCoins Review

There are plenty of online broker services available- but they are not all created equally. Reviews such as this one help separate the wheat from the crop and let potential new traders find their perfect digital investment match.

One of the platforms worth paying attention to is CurrentCoins a well-established, reputable online broker with a track record of helping people strive toward their trading goals. It is the focus of today’s review- going under the microscope for an honest, helpful overview of the core features and functions, the key pros and cons, and other useful things for people to know before signing up for an account.

About CurrentCoins: Review in a Nutshell

  • CurrentCoins is a freemium model-based trading platform with free access options and paid subscriptions.
  • It is a general broker service that specializes in FOREX trading but also offers access to stocks, CFDs, and cryptocurrency trading.
  • The platform works best on a desktop or laptop, but there is a mobile version available for smartphones and tablets.
  • There is a minimum deposit requirement of $250- payable in fiat currency or cryptocurrency through a bank card, bank transfer, or digital wallet.
  • It is primarily aimed at less experienced traders- but it is advanced enough to keep up with those with lots of previous experience as well.
  • CurrentCoins requires a strong internet connection to function efficiently and only works on one device at a time per account.
  • The design is mostly flawless and professional- with just a couple of minor elements still in their development stages.

CurrentCoins’s Top Three Features

Let’s take a closer look at the things that really make the CurrentCoins platform shine.

FOREX Trading Systems

Despite being a general trading platform, CurrentCoins is best known for its FOREX department- and it is definitely the thing that stands out from the rest. The Foreign Exchange Market is all about fast-paced international currency trading- buying and selling currencies against one another based on fluctuating values.

CurrentCoins has the perfect setup for FOREX trading- with live price trackers, more than a dozen pre-set currency pairings, and an easy-to-use dashboard to manage and follow all ongoing transactions.

Learning Programs for Beginners

Beginners have all the support they need from CurrentCoins through multiple learning channels and educational support tools. There is a full demonstration platform for practice trading with dummy funds- complete with in-depth tutorials explaining how to use the tools and features step-by-step.

CurrentCoins also offers interactive training for paying subscribers. It is led by professionals and industry experts- and provides an excellent opportunity to learn trading skills and improve confidence.

Advanced Analytical Reporting Tools

Reports are a huge part of trading. Staying up-to-date and informed on market movements and trends is essential for making intelligent investment decisions- and CurrentCoins helps make it easier.

The analytical tools are customizable, easy to read, and simple to interpret. They update automatically and highlight the important details to make seeing the big picture that little bit simpler.

What Are the Drawbacks?

There aren’t many negatives- other than some minor details that are still developing in the design and the mobile version. Also, the CurrentCoins platform is unavailable in some locations due to restrictions with the licensing. Lastly, the signup process is slightly more drawn out than it needs to be but is worth it in the end.

A Few Final Details 

Customer Service

Customer service is available 24 hours a day. The best way to contact the team is via email- responses are fast, knowledgeable, and helpful. There is also a chat service and automated support on standard queries.


The best way to use CurrentCoins is through a paid subscription. Costs are low- with several tiers to choose from. There is a free version, but commissions apply (higher than with paid subscriptions) and withdrawals cost three percent each time.


CurrentCoins gets the seal of approval. To find out more, head to the official website for subscription details and more in-depth insight into what the platform offers and how to get involved.

Disclaimer: This is sponsored marketing content. The presented material by no means represents any financial advice or promotion. Be sure to do your own research and acknowledge the possible risks before using the service of any trading platform.

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