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Curb Inflation by Renting Your Stuff to Other People

Inflation is upon us! Prices for many things are at an all-time high and rising. Furthermore, the on-going cost of ownership of personal assets has escalated.

Do we have to sit still and watch rising prices erode our finances, or is there some way to curb inflation?

Yes! With some wise steps, you can beat inflation, and one of the best ways to do it is to rent your personal assets to other people. This strategy works especially well for things you don’t use all of the time. Following are some items that you can rent to other people and make decent money from it.

1) Rent out your car or truck

Do you know that you don’t have to bear all the costs of using and maintaining your vehicle? You can indeed offset ownership expenses by renting out your car or truck when it’s not in use. is a great place to rent your car and make money from it. Also,  Fetch is a great website to rent out your truck.

2) Rent your RV

One brilliant way to make money is to rent out your RV on a peer-to-peer platform like Outdoorsy. When you get someone to rent your RV, you can offset several expenses like insurance, maintenance, property taxes, and storage fees.

You can even earn enough to pay off your camper loan early. However, keep in mind that the potential money you can make from your RV rental depends on the type of RV, its year of production, your location, and how often it gets rented.

3) Rent out your bike

How many hours does your bicycle sit in the garage or outside your house without being used? Imagine how much money you can earn when you rent out your bike for a couple of days when you don’t have the need for it?

Thankfully, on, you can find legit people who will rent your bike at reasonable prices and get some money into your wallet.

4) Rent out your home or extra space

Before you freak out, you’re not moving out of your home or allowing a stranger into your private space if you’re not up for it.

However, if your house is not occupied 100% of the time or if there’s part of it  you hardly use, like an extra bedroom or garage, that’s rentable space that you can make money from.

You can rent out your house or a room on the well-known Airbnb. If you only have storage space available to rent, you can do that on a site called

5) Rent out your boat 

Being a boat owner can be very expensive, especially with the current economic situation. There are several costs associated with boat ownership, such as fueling, moorage, maintenance, trailer cost, and other equipment.

So, don’t leave your boat just sitting there; rent it out on and make some cool cash while you’re at it.


Here we’ve presented you with 5 easy ways to curb inflation. Renting out your idle assets not only puts extra cash in your pocket, it allows you to meet new people and for them to have wonderful experiences!

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