Cult-Favorite Clothing Brand Sadire Releases The Sad Times: A Web 3 Project

The Sad Times

The Sad Times has announced a collection of new NFTs that embrace satire – and personified Sheep – to address the challenges of the present moment. These Sheep, each with their own jobs, make a comment on current issues, the internet, and make sense of history as it unfolds. The Sheep comparison may seem obvious, but it’s worth explaining.

The Sad Times is a collection of 5,000 exclusive NFTs that have been professionally produced. Each NFT comes with a 1/1 animated Sheep. The NFT represents ownership of a unique piece of art, which enables you access to new and professionally animated NFTs. Just like humans, each Sheep has distinct attributes (coloration, profession), which combine to create rare combinations.

Dan, the Founder and Creative Director of cult-worthy clothing brand Sadire, is the creator behind The Sad Times. Sadire has been featured in Vogue, worn by celebrities, and gained a cult following because of its distinct style. Not only that, but the brand also has an outspoken stance on mental health.

Sadire has always prioritized conversations about mental health, and has implemented satire and various forms of social commentary to do so. From this origin, Sadire has inspired the creation of The Sad Times project. Outside of Sadire, the NFT’s project team includes crypto and NFT insiders in support of The Sad Times mission; building mental health awareness through creativity and community.

What better way to call attention to issues than through satire? That’s where the Sheep come in. Through dark wit and connected social commentary, The Sad Times remarks that people are just like these Sheep, and asks them to consider what they’re going to do about it.

Moving forward, Dan envisions a reality where Sheep are everywhere. NFTs mark the beginning of an artistic revolution, and Dan sees this virtual world as a place for creation without limits.

The Sad Times speaks for itself through quality and innovation, and it will continue to build its own world. With professional animation studio artists, the founder’s unique social commentary takes form in The Sad Times as a brand new NFT that moves towards a longer-term vision of a transformed reality.

NFTs: An Explainer

An NFT is a non-fungible token, a digital entity that can’t be replicated — it’s completely one-of-a-kind.

NFTs exist on a blockchain, and understanding blockchains is the first step in getting familiar with how NFTs work. Let’s briefly break down what a blockchain is and how blockchains help you know your digital art is authentic and secure.

What Is a Blockchain?

A blockchain is a database that stores massive amounts of information between a network of multiple computers. These databases are essential for the creation and use of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but they also make the creation of NFTs possible.

Blockchains are unique from standard data storage systems because they store information in — you guessed it — blocks. These blocks of data can be filled with a certain amount of information. After blocks reach their full capacity, they’re digitally locked in place to keep the contained information secure.

Our Sad Times Collection is based on the Ethereum blockchain, which was made popular by the cryptocurrency of the same name.

How Do Blockchains Keep NFTs Secure?

The secure nature of a blockchain makes it possible to keep records of purchases — including the purchase of an NFT.

Purchases made on a blockchain are stored on what’s called an “immutable ledger.” This ledger can’t be deleted from the blockchain by anyone — not even its creator. That means that, if you own an NFT, your ownership is forever verified on a blockchain’s transaction records.

If you choose to sell or gift an NFT to someone else, the blockchain makes it possible to securely do so using protocols called smart contracts. These contracts aren’t signed by you and the recipient of your NFT. Instead, the agreement between you and an NFT’s new owner is written into the code on the blockchain itself.

What Makes NFTs Special?

NFTs are unique in that there’s almost no question of their authenticity.

If someone owns an NFT, the blockchain verifies that they are the only person in the world with that unique piece of digital art in their collection. Since NFTs are one-of-a-kind, they’re highly sought after by collectors, fans of a particular artist or celebrity, and anyone else interested in the world of blockchain-based tokens.

Are All NFTs Artwork?

While most people picture digital artwork when they picture NFTs, there’s more to these tokens than that.

NFTs are also used to represent items that exist in the real world, including, but not limited to, pieces of art. Some artists who make art using physical mediums like paint or sculpture provide purchasers of their pieces with NFTs to certify their ownership of the artwork.

In addition, some NFTs represent properties that exist in the real world, signifying an NFT owner’s right to a particular piece of real estate. Thanks to blockchain technology, there’s nearly no way to question whether someone owns a piece of property when they have an NFT to prove it!

What’s the Future of NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens aren’t going anywhere anytime soon — and neither are the Sad Times Sheep. If you own one, you have access to a never-before-seen dimension to digital art ownership.

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