Cudos and Sfera Technologies Partner to Lower Costs and Simplify Complexities for Space Industry Operators

Space Industry Operators

Cudos and Sfera Technologies are joining forces, according to a press release on January 13.

Following this partnership, Cudos, a decentralized computing and oracle network based on a scalable and highly reliable architecture, will introduce computation support to Sfera Technologies’ Ephemeris, significantly lowering costs and simplifying needless complexities in the space industry, a sphere expected to command hundreds of billions, if not trillions, in years to come. 

Boosting Ephemeris’ Capabilities

Ephemeris is Sfera’s multichain decentralized space data infrastructure that will aptly serve the space industry by providing a complete solution in satellite data delivery and process management anchored on the security and reliability of the blockchain. 

By integrating the decentralized computing capabilities from Cudos, the CEO of Sfera, Zdravko Dimitrov, said Ephemeris’ abilities will be extended, allowing its infrastructure to process raw Earth Observation (EO) data from satellites into commercial imagery products. Subsequently, this power will enable satellite ground segment service providers to integrate blockchain solutions quickly.

“By integrating with CUDOS, Ephemeris obtains another piece of the puzzle — computing power to crunch raw Earth Observation (EO) data from satellites into commercial imagery products. Rigid legacy services like the satellite ground segment can now leap straight into Web3 territory, and it’s inspiring to be at the helm of this transformation together with Cudos.”

Sfera to Further Enhance Ephemeris

In the future, Sfera plans to operate its satellite ground station on top of Ephemeris, cutting out the waste and errors associated with legacy approaches using self-executing smart contracts. 

This approach, the infrastructure provider reckons, would create valuable and convenient channels for ground station networks to access numerous storage, processing, and distribution services, effectively helping create the first satellite data system relying on the distribution of the blockchain.

A Decentralized Options to Meet the High Demand from Raw Earth Observation Satellites Operators

This will be fitting considering the explosion in the number of Earth Observation satellites yearning for a robust supportive infrastructure for businesses relying on these satellites to effectively function and realize their full potential. Thus far, there are challenges in centralized architectures that limit data storage, processing, and distribution capabilities, resulting in higher costs and inefficiencies. 

A decentralized option being built by Sfera resolves limitations of storage, processing power scalability, and infrastructure reliability by using the blockchain for lower latency and even better data security. Besides, by presenting options, the risks of centralized bodies hogging information and critical options are minimized, benefiting EO Satellite operators.

Nuno Perreira, the VP of partnerships at Cudos, lauded the deal pointing at the decentralization aspect of the blockchain and how it aligns with their general beliefs. Specifically, he mentions how Sfera’s approach is unique and all-inclusive, especially in the on-boarding of ecosystems that were previously excluded from blockchain integration.

Cudos’ String of High-Profile Partnerships

Sfera will tap into Cudos’ attractive decentralized computing capabilities. Eventually, Cudos will exist as a layer-1 blockchain and a layer-2 computing network governed by its global, vibrant community providing exceptional high-performance while being decentralized, open-source, and fully permissionless. 

The Cudos mainnet launch set for February 2022 is preceded by a slew of high-profile partnerships of which Sfera Technologies stands out. Earlier, Cudos partnered with Tingo Holdings International–which empowers households in Africa–, MELD—a DeFi bank on Cardano—where the DeFi’s creators will build an interface into the Cudos network API–, and Cornucopias, a play-to-earn gaming platform. 

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