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Cuddle Comfort Therapy Apps – Safety and Anonymity Steps for Tech

New and innovative cuddle comfort therapy apps are rapidly growing in popularity within the tech world, where people can search for therapists offering this unique form of mental health help.

When done the right way, cuddle comfort therapy is believed to have positive mental heath benefits including reduced stress and anxiety, as well as better social connections with others.

Becoming a professional cuddler is also a popular new trend for entrepreneurial minded people looking for an additional income stream and innovative new apps and technology platforms are helping to facilitate this.

However, there are potential risks associated with using cuddle therapy websites and apps.

These have been highlighted by the newly launched website, CuddleSafety.

“The main risk to be aware of is that you are sharing very personal and private information with these websites, often including your payment information,” said a website spokesperson. “If there was to be a hack on one of these apps then your information could get in the wrong hands and potentially be used against you.”

As a result, CuddleSafety recommends connecting via a trusted VPN service provider before making use of a cuddle comfort therapy website.

Additional security tips and tech usability advice that readers may not have even thought about before, have also been highlighted by the new website.

“A trusted VPN can help you remain anonymous by shielding your true IP address. You can choose an IP location from anywhere you like, and your identity is masked via the VPN connection. You can also have your payment details better protected as well as the ability to scan websites and files for potential threats before your devices can get infected,” said

Ad blocking and ad tracking issues have also been covered by this new informational blog.

“VPN service providers offer ad blocking features which make cuddle comfort therapy websites and social media apps in general a much more enjoyable experience. Some websites even track you for advertising purposes and this can be blocked with a VPN, which is especially important for privacy when browsing.”

The issue of cuddle websites banning members has also been talked about.

The way these platforms generate an income is by taking a cut from any bookings that are made. If a user just uses the platform to find a new client and then after the first session they take all future bookings privately then the platform is not going to get credit for that.

As a result, there have been reports of users being banned by cuddle comfort therapy websites for that reason.

On the topic of banning, some public places such as libraries, colleges, and public Wi-Fi networks will block the use of these type of social media apps. One way around this is to route the connection via a VPN so you can continue to use your favorite apps at any place of your choosing.

The information provided by CuddleSafety can be applied to any social media sites, video streaming platforms, online apps, and general internet browsing.

“Any website you are using can have access to your personal information, payment details, and private browsing patterns. There is also the risk of potential threats being contained within the lesser-known websites or file downloads services. Therefore, it is a really good idea to take an extra step to protect yourself via a VPN no matter what platform you are using,” said a website spokesperson.

To discover a trusted VPN Provider for safety and anonymity, visit the website for their top recommendation.

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