Cubix Collaborates with MiniPets as their Development Partner

Cubix is set to build a new iOS, Android, and web-based play-to-earn game. MiniPets is one of a series of projects under DevTeamSix, which presents users with new opportunities to own and level up their NFTs in the form of a variety of pets and assets. Moreover, an even more exciting element to the game includes allowing participants to enjoy access and explore the DogeWorld with no payment required.

While searching for a suitable software development partner capable of fulfilling the game’s objectives, DevTeamSix learned that Cubix’ expertise was aligned with their endeavors for this development.

After scrutinizing a list of game development companies, the company concluded that Cubix appeared to have all the ingredients they were looking for, including the fact that the software development company’s expertise and game development track record stood out. The prospective partner’s expertise with blockchain development solutions and NFT game development was critical in this decision.

Cubix has 200+ global team members, and the company has worked with brands like Sapient, Nintendo, Walmart, and more. The company is also the game development partner for MicroPets, WAGMI Games, Track9, Taunt Battleworld, and more. With these associations, the extent of Cubix’ technical expertise and the experience was easily discerned, making them a top choice.

MiniPets Game Concept

MiniPets is a true P2E game and one that fully engages its participants who earn Minis that can be swapped with BNB and/or MiniDOGE tokens. As a reward-based game, it is a game that is propelled by daily engagement. To get an idea of this, just picture Tamagotchi meets Decentraland! 

Participants of the game may build as many pets as they would like, and each pet will have a persona developed out of an animal shelter (Adoption Center) as a starting point. Eventually, the pet will be adopted and grow up under a user’s care.

All MiniPets will grow up and reside in DOGEWorld. All of them will earn Mini tokens by performing daily tasks, through various job offerings, and by taking care of their daily responsibilities within an anticipated time frame.

When pets earn more Mini tokens, they can opt for upgrades, which will be available as clothing, and certain kinds of foods that build up their attributes and may even influence their skills. Their improved skills and other strengths may enable them to get better jobs that allow them to earn more Mini tokens each day.

And while that fulfills the play-to-earn model essentials, players enjoy access and explore the DogeWorld with no payment required – that’s certainly an encouraging element that accompanies MiniPets’ emergence in the NFT gaming arena.

And beyond this, many opportunities unfold as the game progresses, wherein participants win and enjoy access to NFTs. As a mobile RPG game, MiniPets is played on a computer and on your mobile device. Whichever medium you choose, the animation and exquisite artwork are delightful.

MiniPets, also holds governance tokens, allowing communities to participate in a poll to determine the next location in MiniPets, which essentially means creating a new phase of the game.

The MiniPets NFT gaming concept involves MiniDoge currency promotion; the idea is to make the currency more accessible to gamers for making money while they play. With a marketplace incorporated, players may trade their NFTs (mini pets and other game items) in exchange for in-game currency or cryptocurrency tokens.

About Cubix

With its headquarters in Florida, USA, Cubix serves clients worldwide with innovative digital products that help them reach their goals. Since 2008, Cubix has built tons of mobile games, enterprise-level software, mobile apps, NFT games, web apps, and websites for businesses in diverse industries.

About DevTeamSix

DevTeamSix is a full stack development team made up of Technology, Marketing, and Business Professionals with the ability to help in all areas of Cryptocurrency. Whether it is Decentralized Applications, Mobile Apps and Gaming, Digital Marketing, or Software Development, DevTeamSix is the team to be confident in. Their team is composed of like-minded individuals who all have their eyes on the same goal, Leave a Legacy. In doing so, DevTeamSix will impact the entire world while sharing the knowledge and tools to bring economic growth to underdeveloped countries. With a passion for Charity, DevTeamSix will change the world.

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