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CryptoVsZombie Raises $1.7 Million in Private Round To Lead A New Wave Of Play-To-Earn

CryptoVsZombie, an emerging PVP and P2E competitive power defence gaming ecosystem has just secured $1.7M from a number of investors and strategic angels in the crypto sphere.

X21 Digital, Faculty Capital, Kardia Ventures, Basics Capital, Everse Capital, Poolz ventures, Oddiyana Ventures, IceTea Labs, Magnus Capital, MoonWhale, Infinity Pad, BSC Station, GameStation, JLaunchPad, BinStarter, and VBC Ventures, are major players in the space who contributed immensely to the successful close of the private round.

CryptoVsZombie is a novel project that is rebuilding online gaming in its own unique way. The project utilizes engaging activities and interesting features on its platform to create an open and engrossing gaming system accessible to gamers from all around the world.

The game is built around defensive strategies where players engage in epic battles using crypto defence towers and zombie troops to compete in a remarkable gaming experience. The CryptoVsZombie believes in creating financial solutions out of fun and entertainment. Tokens and special non-fungible tokens will be given as rewards winners in the seasonal tournament featured in the game.

CryptoVsZombie is on a mission to provide every player on its platform with the opportunity to enjoy an extraordinary play-and-earn model just with their mobile devices.

Promoting The New Concept Of Play-To-Earn

CryptoVsZombie is primed to highlight the most thrilling aspects of the GameFi economy as it seeks to promote a new concept of play-to-earn.

CryptoVsZombie believes that games could be anything we make them and more. The project is looking to bring an amazing combination of gaming experience with blockchain integration that offers a rare opportunity to players in different parts of the globe, to connect to a world where they can explore their full potential.

As an innovative gaming platform with a passion to redefine this space, CryptoVsZombie is promoting the new concept of compete-to-earn, and offering gamers worldwide a new way to approach high-end gaming as an advantageous and income-generating initiative.

With the right team of seasoned professionals having a solid background in game development and Blockchain experience and a burning desire to revolutionize the industry, CryptoVsZombie poses a future-oriented project that will usher in the next wave of gaming and NFTs.

CryptoVsZombie, in its own amazing way, is gearing up for a shift in the GameFi sector as it works towards transforming gaming from a beloved pastime of many individuals to a compete-to-earn model that will gain insane traction over the next couple of months. It will go beyond giving over hundreds of thousands of users an enjoyable experience linked to blockchain tech.

The CryptoVsZombie project will also facilitate the adoption of blockchain gaming and NFTs, and establish an ever-expanding community of strong enthusiasts all around the world.

Over the next couple of months, CryptoVsZombie plans to bring exciting developments and features to the space including an NFT marketplace, staking and Farming options, a user-friendly mobile application, and more interesting tournaments.

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