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Cryptostarbot is on the Developmental Track, Plans Expansion into NFTs, MetaVerse and our Bot Intelligence.

Here at Cryptostarbot, our bot utilizes proprietary artificial intelligence that has been tested and proven across multiple markets. These bots works with small amounts, but with a high transaction speed it receives data from the MIT algorithm, checks the position by indicators and chooses a strategy. 

Cryptostarbot has gone ahead to install its sophisticated technology and has surpassed its expected growth potential within the 3 years period it has been in the market. Now expanding and having accumulated over $200 million in a funding round in 2021, we now rap into current opportunities surrounding the Artificial intelligence industries to innovate speedily as we are bringing on NFTs which are unique and verifiable digital assets, like cryptocurrency are stored on a digital ledger or “blockchain” (such as Ethereum) and can be traded via online platforms that support NFTs. 

What Is Metaverse?

MetaVerse has become one of the most trending tech specs across the international media landscape. It is best described as a virtual world that integrates diverse aspects of our digital and real lives. 

Apparently it is a blend of the virtual world and the real world to embrace the future of virtual reality which will definitely be a successor to the mobile internet.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new big thing in technology and having proven to help reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, grow revenue and vastly improve the customer experience. AI is not the future, it is the present and our lives are already being transformed positively by AI-powered technologies.

What is Cryptostarbot?

Cryptostarbot is an AI driven firm mainly focused on robotics technology, offering our services to businesses across different industry sectors who look to inculcate AI into their day to day activities.  

Cryptostarbot also leverages its technology to the crypto community, owning mining farms and renting hash power to miners within the Community, building trading bots with a proven winning algorithm that works in different markets to generate substantial profits on the investments of its customers. Customers have the option to opt in for a Personal bot for unlimited profits or use the general bots where the profits are limited.

Cryptostarbot Giveaway Allocated to the Crypto Community. 

Following the huge recent drastic downfall in the cryptocurrency market space, Cryptostarbot have decided to support and give back to the crypto community in a giveaway among randomly selected users of Cryptostarbot, Crypto channels, exchanges, wallet providers and crypto forums. We also aim to attract more amount of new users and supporters through this giveaway activity as well as empower the lucky winners. This giveaway will also be a medium to gather a loyal web3 community and supporters ahead of our entry into the space. These offers are programmed in a smart contract that will be redeemed by activating a unique code and payment of gas fees for the smart contract to self execute and deposit funds automatically in the winners wallet. Failure to redeem codes within a given period, the gift will be withdrawn and issued to another lucky winner. 


Considering the speed at which NFTs and the metaverse are emerging and gaining traction, topping it with how they have become major trends in the crypto industry, one can suggest that the idea of owning a virtual assets may come out well in the long run and surely we will be joining the train soon.

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