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Cryptopoint72 Review — Is Cryptopoint72 Scam or Legit?

Cryptopoint72 Review

If you want to make living by trading alone, you have to choose a company that provides a good service and won’t leave you hanging in critical moments. Cryptopoint72 is certainly among the trading platforms that should be on your list of priorities when selecting a future partner for your investment and trading endeavors. While many other companies also offer flexible conditions and good products, Cryptopoint72 stands out by offering an excellent level of service and competence dwarfing what the vast majority of firms in the domain can provide.

Cryptopoint72’s focus on safety

Any contemporary online service must focus on security. With so many stories about hackers breaching blockchain services, it is important to work only with companies that understand the importance of carefully implementing safety measures when communicating with clients, partners, and other entities in the industry.

  • Cryptopoint72’s official website uses SSL encryption to protect any communications between you and the web platform.
  • Your personal information is stored in databases that are subjected to additional encryption and restricted access measures.
  • The web infrastructure is robust and uses such measures as antiviral software and secure internal data handling.

Cryptopoint72’s excellent customer care

The support team at Cryptopoint72 is formed by seasoned professionals and managers who have years of experience working in this particular field. The company is focused on creating a team of capable individuals who know how to solve issues that clients may experience when dealing with the web platform or its elements.

You can reach out to specialists in the support department using any of the methods listed on the official website. Note that some clients can talk to their managers via messengers in addition to using live chat, e-mail, and other means of communicating with the support team.

Cryptopoint72’s advanced trading terminal

The vast majority of retail traders indeed prefer using third-party tools because they often provide more flexibility and opportunities to make trading a little bit more efficient. However, all traders are using trading terminals offered by their brokers at least once in a while meaning that companies that offer more options and features usually come out on top.

Cryptopoint72 has a feature-rich terminal that will be an excellent tool for you to use:

  • Technical indicators such as RSI, Stochastic, MACD, and others are quite good at predicting the future of the market if you know how to use them correctly. This terminal offers a solid selection of indicators.
  • Graphical overlays like Fibonacci lines are great when you need to quickly identify future support and resistance levels to place stop loss and take profits levels strategically.
  • The visual interface of the terminal is clean and allows you to quickly gauge the current market situation without feeling overwhelmed by the inflow of information.

Cryptopoint72’s banking options

When it comes to working with online services, those that offer more flexibility usually win in the long run. Cryptopoint72 provides ways for your to customize your user experience in many ways including choosing the right way to deposit and withdraw money.

  • People who are used to buying things online will be quite happy to use debit cards to make deposits. These transactions are processed instantly meaning that you will be able to top up your balance quickly.
  • Wire transfers are hugely popular in the US and Canada where banking is still the prevalent way of sending and receiving money. The only problem with wire transfers is that you often have to wait for several business days.
  • Cryptocurrencies and online platforms like Payoneer are not available to some users depending on where they live but can be quite useful when you can use them.


Cryptopoint72 is among the trustworthy companies that deserve your attention. If you want to work with a platform that does not charge you for transactions, offers good terms, and provides excellent service, you should contemplate trading on Cryptopoint72.

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