Cryptomarketcloud a new concept on the block: 3 products one token that offers shares and profits in all its products.

A PSO (Public Shares Offering) & STO listing platform with a build in wallet, where companies can connect their wallets and collect funds strait from the platform and users can make payment for tokens in a vast variety of acceptable tokens.

A Blockhain with the usual features and their brand new CRC20 smart token contracts which can be created within 5 clicks without the need of coding and deployment, everything is build in, all transaction fees are shared with the CMC holders and in addition there is a protocol in place which when a company or entrepreneur creates a token the CMC holders also benefit 5% of that creation.

A Crypto/Fiat Exchange with multi pairing, where both companies and traders will benefit from it, the trading fee will be eliminated all together and rather a traditional take will be implemented, a simple flat monthly subscription fee will be taken, price will range from free for small trader with up to $5k trading volume to $99 per month for the most advanced traders with no limit trading volume.

Cryptomarketcloud has already partnered with many companies who will be accepting their native token CMC as a Payment method and have listed already on 3 different exchanges well ahead of its road map.


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