Cryptology Review; Best Cryptocurrency Exchange App

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange App

Cannot resist the trends for crypto trading? No worries, you are not the only one. Today, many pros are already experiencing some kind of competition because novices join and join the market. Today, we are going to speak about one reliable exchange platform that can help you trade with less effort – Cryptology.

Check the content list:

  1. How Cryptology Helps Novice and Pro Traders
  2. Brief Review of Cryptology
  3. A New Passive Income Feature
  4. Registering
  5. Verification Options
  6. Futures with Spot Exchanges
  7. Fees for Deposits and Withdrawals
  8. Where Is It Supported?
  9. Offered Pairs
  10. Pros and Cons

How Cryptology Helps Novice and Pro Traders

Today, traders should take a look at this platform because of the following features:

  • Intuitive and Simple Platform. Upon registering or just browsing, or trading, you access speedy operations only. No need to worry about your coins crashing or your account loading the information for hours.
  • 0% Fees. Cryptology is a go-choice when you do not want to come across fees or hidden charges. 
  • Available in Many Countries. It is a common practice to register and find out that the platform is not supported in your country of residence. Yet, with Cryptology, you are most likely to avoid such practices. It is available worldwide except for the USA and Japan. 
  • Leverage. There is trading leverage available, a risky one but worthy.
  • Lots of Pairs to Choose From. Overlook the crypto market tendencies, and start trading with different pairs.
  • Easy Withdrawals. Speedy withdrawals will hook you to join the platform. You won’t wait for long, and won’t come across hidden charges.

Brief Review of Cryptology

Cryptology is a renowned exchange platform, and a go-choice if you want to trade with BTC. There are no fees that draw the attention of many novice and pro traders. The leverage can be up to 100x with some exceptions and rules to comply with. By the way, until September, you can trade crypto BTC futures options that come with 0% fees, and even get a cashback of $100 for your first deposit of the same amount.

Below, you can learn more about the new feature launched by the platform, some hints on verifications and registration, and many more.

A New Passive Income Feature

Interested in trading and boosting your passive income together? Now, such an opportunity exists. In September 2021, Cryptology launched a Cryptology Earn feature. You can earn stablecoins without any effort. Note, the eligibility requires depositing via bank cards. After deposits, you can check your ongoing earnings, and then cash them out or reinvest to multiply them.

Earnings may vary in size and fully depend on the chosen currency. If you choose USDT, USDC, or DAI, you are expected to get up to 15%. If with BTC, 8% is expected. Deposits are ongoing for free.


Okay, let’s describe the registration process. Looking ahead, it is deprived of hustle and bustle. Fill out the registration form by specifying your full name, email. Then, create a complex password. Agree to Terms of the service, and done. If you want to register with a Google account, such an option exists as well.

Upon registering, you will be asked what account you want to have – a personal or institutional one. Only a Trading account is supported for personal accounts. Beyond that, learn the following:

  • The global account is aimed at trading with fiat, and cryptocurrency by means of only wire transfers or banking cards. You can cash out fiat/crypto for fiat too;
  • The trading account is for fiat and cryptocurrency as well but the withdrawals are available with crypto only.

When depositing with fiat, you can use only Visa and Master (it concerns EU residents). With a Global account, you can cash out fiat with a wire transfer only.

Verification Options

When having an account with Cryptology, you will also need to pass a verification process. It is represented in two ways:

  • Basic Verification. You automatically receive a limit of $10,000. Just upload your passport, or other documents confirming your persona. Take a picture holding a document;
  • Full Verification. Just provide proof of address. You will have no limits.

Futures with Spot Exchanges

Looking for extremely intuitive Spot Exchange and CME BTC futures? Cryptology is there for you.

To join the exchange, do consider the next rules: have an order book, a TradingView chart, as well as trading history. Then, you need to have an order form that will unlock the possibility of buying and selling with the platform.

As for BTC CME futures, there is little difference. Just know that it comes with leverage.

Fees for Deposits and Withdrawals

Now, let’s proceed with the most bothersome theme – notorious fees.

All verified traders who plan to deal with BTC futures will need to pay 0.002 trading fees. If with fiat, there is a 2.65% fee when you top up your account via debit/credit cards. The minimum deposit is $25.

If you are from Brazil and plan to trade, the fees may vary from 1.7%-3.6%. The minimum deposit is $1.

As for EUR SEPA top-ups, they are powered by 0.45% fees. The minimum is €1. 

Wire Transfers are available for Full Verification clients. They won’t come across any fees. Yet, the minimum deposit is linked to $25.

Finally, the withdrawals taking into consideration Institutional accounts are possible with fiat and via SEPA. A €7 fee applies. The minimum withdrawal is €50.

Where Is It Supported?

You could have heard that the Binance exchange platform decided to leave several spots including Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands. As for Cryptology, they do not have anything similar in plans and continue servicing there. Today, it is also available in many other countries with two exceptions – the USA and Japan.

Offered Pairs

Cryptology pairs for futures and Spot Exchange are the following:

  • Futures. You can find such pairs as BTC/USD, BCH/USD among others. Around 12 pairs for futures trading are with the platform at the moment.
  • Spot Exchange. You will find BTC, USDT, USDC, TRX, ZEC, LTC. Again, around 12 pairs for future trading are there. For fiat trading, use US dollars, EUR, and RUB.

Pros and Cons

Like other trading platforms, you will anyway come across both pros and cons. Check the key ones below:


  • Responsive support team. We have had a chance to receive qualified support from their representatives. The waiting time was only 10 minutes, and they were pretty friendly and professional;
  • You can receive $100 with your first account top-up;
  • Minimal fees for withdrawals and deposits, alongside 100x leverage (rules apply);
  • Order sizes from $0.10;
  • Available worldwide except for the USA and Japan.


  • Spot Exchange does not support margin trading;
  • Fiat withdrawal is not available.

Now, you have a better picture of the service and can make up your mind about joining it or not. What do you think of its worthiness?

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