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CryptoHeroes Combines NFT with DeFi on March 18th, 1 wBTC to be Won

Offering high yield products by staking user coins alongside the NFT Hero Cards, CryptoHeroes offers a 1 wBTC prize to one lucky participant.

9th March 2021:  CryptoHeroes is a DeFi platform that is all set to engage users on a new level by making yield farming a fun activity. Cryptoheroes will enable participants to collect Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) that represent unique superheroes based on the most famous comics and movies.

NFTs are tokens that are unique – each NFT can not be replicated – this makes them highly collectible. These digital tokens are being increasingly used in real life to gain ownership of digital art. The recent NFT sale by musician and wife of Elon Musk, Grimes is a prime example – Over $6,000,000 worth of collectible art and even a video selling for $389,000, all based on the blockchain.

What is certain is that the interest in NFTs and DeFi is rising – What is needed now is a new project to blend the two and bring the spaces to the next level. 

CryptoHeroes: Merging NFT and DeFi

In a typical DeFi platform, users stake their coins and tokens to add liquidity to a market and gain a source of passive income, as long as they participate in the pools they earn a share of the profits made. 

CryptoHeroes represents different investment products through rare and exclusive cards, with each one having a different superhero or villain, such as CAPTAIN ETHERUM, HODLER, BULL SKULL, SHORTER and more. Each superhero has its own investment strategy and APY, reflecting their superpowers. Users will not only select the superhero they like, but also gain the profitability each one represents. 

Users of CryptoHeroes will also have the option to simply stake their own tokens in dedicated pools. Another pool will be for the CryptoHeroes LP tokens, letting people connect their ETH tokens and starting their own passive income.

For people looking for a higher profit game, CryptoHeroes has created limited editions of their NFT HEROCARDS, each one with a unique design. Significantly higher in value than regular cards, these rare editions will offer users 2-3x more yield returns than regular cards.

NFT Farming: Deflationary and Audited

The NFT farming program has been designed to be executed in several stages, each on seeing a greater number of passes. The first stage sees 20 passes at a price of 0.1 ETH each. Every subsequent stage will see the rise of pass value, ensured by the deflationary economy of CryptoHeroes.

All proceeds from the NFT sales of CryptoHeroes will be used to buyback tokens from the market and eventual burn. Through this, the available tokens in the open market will fall, increasing pressure on the demand and subsequent rise in value. Resultantly, the decreasing supply and the increasing value will also mean a sustained APY on farming activities.

In their effort to leave no stone unturned to protect users, the CryptoHeroes team has engaged third party smart contract auditing services of renowned firm PeckShield, ensuring that the contract is air tight and un-exploitable. The code has also been made public so that anyone can view the contract for themselves.

1 wBTC to Win

CryptoHeroes is promoting the sales of its NFT HEROCARDS by hiding 1 wBTC inside one randomly selected card. The lucky owner will be able to cash out the wrapped BTC.

Wrapped BTC (wBTC) is an Ethereum based token that is backed by Bitcoin, meaning that its value is the same as BTC. The lucky participant will be able own the complete wBTC and have the option to either cash it out or invest in CryptoHeroes, potentially increasing his or her passive income.

Gamifying DeFi

Decentralized Finance has exploded in 2020 and has created a whole new financial setup where people can invest their cryptos and receive passive income in the shape of yield farming. CryptoHeroes is a DeFi platform that intends to turn the boring farming process into a fun game and at the same time, represent the activities through unique and rare collectible cards.

Own a one of a kind digital card and earn passive income at the same time. CryptoHeroes is launching their NFT/DeFi market on 18th March, 2021.

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