CryptoHawk – Cryptocurrency Payment Provider, Exchange, Credit Card and ATM

Cryptocurrencies heralded a dynamic change in how finances worked. Gone are the days when people needed to depend upon traditional banking systems to have their own money handled and transferred to other people at a heavy cost. Now, people can send money directly from the comfort of their computers or mobiles to anyone, anywhere, at a fraction of the cost it would usually take in a traditional banking system.

Associated Issues

Even with the magic like properties of cryptocurrencies and their ease of use, there are problems that make it cumbersome for average users. Although widely accepted, the digital money is not compatible with the fiat based transaction and trading systems. There are many crypto services that cater for this, but each service is concentrating on one particular aspect. What cryptocurrency users still find difficult is that to use cryptocurrency in their daily lives, they need to rely on multiple services and platforms at a single time.

CryptoHawk, The All In One Solution

The team behind CryptoHawk realized that there was a big gap in the market and that people needed a simple solution. Their response was a system that caters to the most faced issues of crypto users, specifically:

  • Payment Provider: Many stores and shops owners are not comfortable with accepting crypto coins as payment because it seems too complicated. CryptoHawk offers a simple payment provider solution, enabling sellers and buyers to shop with an experience as smooth as using Visa or MasterCard.
  • Exchange: Average users or cryptocurrencies do not have specialized knowledge of forex or crypto trading. CryptoHawk exchange offers a simple, secure and transparent way to trade cryptos in an uncomplicated way.
  • Credit Cards: What can be easier than swiping a plastic card and making a purchase, just like your regular bank credit cards? CryptoHawk has that exact solution. Now, shopping or purchasing with your cryptocurrencies has never been easier.
  • Crypto ATMs: Installation of ATMs for cryptocurrencies will enable users to withdraw and deposit cryptocurrencies in their wallets from areas where they do not have access to internet.

CryptoHawk ICO

The platform runs its own token the HAWK, that runs on the platform, providing above mentioned services. The HAWK is currently running its initial coin offering that will last about 3 months as of now. Investors can buy HAWK at a rate of 10,000 HAWK for 1 ETH. HAWK holders will also be entitled to a 25% of profits the platform makes from its exchange, subject to amount of HAWK a user invests and holds for a month.


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