Cryptohawk Crowdsale Phase 2 is Live – All-in-one solution for Cryptocurrencies.

Time is due for every industry to embrace cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology and this is evidenced by the operations of CryptoHawk. CryptoHawk is the first ever blockchain based platform that offers an all-in-one solution for cryptocurrencies. The CryptoHawk project was developed by Lennart Kuster under the Swiss-based cryptocurrency focused company known as CryptoHawk AG. The platform has 4 main elements;
a cryptocurrency exchange that supports fiat currency, payment provider, crypto-based credit cards and cryptocurrency ATMs.

All services will provide support for every tradable coin and token listed on the CryptoHawk cryptocurrency exchange. The primary goal of CryptoHawk is to transform the cryptocurrency trade exchanges and boost the acceptability of cryptocurrency as a recognized means of payment across all platforms, markets and industries. The CryptoHawk team comprises members with extensive professional experience in tech analytics, cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology all working together with the common goal of providing a frictionless, secure and innovative platform.

ICO Progress report on Hawks Token

The native cryptocurrency unique to the CryptoHawk platform is called the Hawks token. Within the CryptoHawk portal,  the Hawks token possess a value almost equivalent to the value of other cryptocoins listed in the exchange. The ICO of the Hawks token is categorized in two phases; phase 1 and phase 2. The phase 1 of the token sale started on the 31st of December 2018 and ended on the 28th of February 2018. The first phase ICO is now ended and was deemed a success.

The Phase 2 ICO is currently live, it commenced on the 26th of March 2018 and is expected to operate for a period of 111 days or until whenever the hard cap is reached. About the hard cap, unlike most ICOs, CryptoHawk did not reveal the price of the hard cap setting the minimum funding requirement, soft cap at 500,000 USD. Thus, the token sale will continue till the hidden hard cap known only to the CryptoHawk team is reached. The tokens can be purchased with ETH, BTC, DASH, BCC, XRP, LTC, STRAT, WAVES, XMR, ZEC, USDT and fiat currency at a token price of 10,000 Hawks to 1 ETH.

Why you should invest in the ICO of Hawks

The number of Hawks available is strictly limited to the amount issued for the crowdsale, in other words, when the crowdsale is ended, investors would have to purchase Hawks on cryptocurrency exchanges at a price far higher than what is being offered in the ICO. Additionally, a limited supply means that there will be no further creation of the tokens which invariably means a limited amount of Hawks in the market. An increase in demand will lead to an appreciation in the value of the tokens, which will leave the tokens very profitable and the token holders well off. You can purchase the tokens now through the ICO and watch your tokens appreciate in value as time goes by.

25% of CryptoHawk’s total profit via trading fees are paid out to all token holders of the Hawks token on a monthly basis, this reward is called the profit participation. In other words, a token holder receives a share of the platform’s revenue on monthly basis for basically no other reason other than holding Hawks. Participating in the Hawks ICO is an investment that guarantees regular monthly returns which are bound to increase as the platform develops. A very lucrative and profitable investment, however you choose to look at it.

Purchasing Hawks gives investors automatic voting rights on the platform in the form of Vote Points. Vote Points gives token holders an exclusive say in various relevant issues on the platform. This means token holders get to make contributions and participate directly in the success of the platform. No other platform grants its token holders this exclusive privilege.

Finally, once the platform is fully launched and the ICO is complete, Hawks will be tradable on exchanges and the Hawks token is redeemable in fiat currency and other cryptocurrencies for token holders who may decide to trade their coins.


CryptoHawk offers the customer a myriad of functionalities and features relevant in the field of cryptocurrencies. The platform provides a secure, fast, transparent and completely reliable solution for everything crypto.


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