CryptoDragons: the Details Behind NFT Dragon Breeding

CryptoDragons is a unique NFT project based on the Ethereum blockchain. It comprises 9 different smart contracts that are all interlinked through the principle of NFTs development (ERC-721 standard) and their functionality of use. This is all in the spirit of maximum transparency.

One of the motivations behind creating CryptoDragons was creating a strong community of dragon enthusiasts who can leverage the platform to engage each other while at the same time earning from the unique Dragon NFTs they own.

Moreover, 25 different genes were used in creating the dragons. Each of these genes has 16 variations and use 30 different layers of colours. Each Dragon DNA comes out of 12,000 attributes. All these identifying factors make it possible to breed billions of dragons, each different from the օther.

Therefore, the end goal for this NFT project would be a close-knit community of dragon lovers within which one can collect, breed, fight dragons and earn on them. The community would also provide an avenue for dragon owners to hold dragon battles and generate a stable income from owning a unique dragon.

On CryptoDragons several important approaches have been implemented: the first ever reward distribution, blockchain DNA and fully-fledged blockchain dragon battlings.

Users can enter the Arena and challenge each other. The Arena’s winners will take either their rival’s dragon or an agreed ETH. The entire CryptoDragons Metaverse starts from Dragon Eggs. The 10,000 unique Eggs contain randomly distributed NFT dragons. No one, even the creators, know the “core” of the Eggs. After minting Eggs, owners will have the option to keep the Egg or hatch it later. After Hatching Eggs, the NFT transforms into an Eggshell and the dragon NFT within the user’s inventory.

The CryptoDragons Metaverse will be inhabited by four different classes of dragons: Common, Epic, Rare and Legendary. Moreover, the forth Rare type can’t be hatched from an Egg, but will be the result of breeding. The criteria for choosing which Dragon belongs to which class is based on the number of genes contained. A dragon can have a maximum of 25 genes. The Common class features 15 genes, the Rare class has from 16 to 19 genes, 20 to 24 for Epic dragons, and exactly 25 genes for the Legendary ones.

CryptoDragons Breeding Bonuses

The mathematical concept of probability also applies in the Dragon Metaverse. Here, dragon owners can breed their dragons to generate dragon offspring that have different gene combinations. For instance, breeding 2 similar dragons will yield:

Parents (Dragon Class)


Probability of unique gene (Legendary Class)

2 Common Dragons

1 New gene type


2 new gene types


There is a 25% probability that the offspring will have a new gene type totally different from what is contained in both parents’ genomes. The likelihood that 2 entirely new genes will be generated is even lower (20%). This means that upon breeding 2 common dragons (same class of genetic make-up), there is a small chance that the resultant Dragon (baby dragon or offspring) will be of a Rare type. The resultant gene’s value is then chosen at random between 0 and 15, depending on the features assigned to the baby dragon. This is necessary for battles.

On the off chance that the bonus mechanism fails, the Dragon Metaverse has a failsafe mechanism to assign genes based on simple probability rules. Here, the new Dragon (offspring) receives the genes contained in both parents. The values of these inherited genes are assigned based on the probabilities below:

Parental Gene Value








This simple gene selection mechanism assumes that despite none of the parents having it, there is a chance of developing a new gene. The chances of this new gene occurring depend on how many of the “above 15” genes the hatched Dragon has.

Furthermore, the potential of the blockchain, and its integration in new upcoming projects, creates great opportunities for many to combine entertainment with earning. Seems CryptoDragons Metaverse combines the two trendy superpowers: a dragon and the blockchain. The first implemented innovations can make this project a must-try for NFT lovers.

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