Cryptocurrency value: real or imagined?


The rise in popularity of cryptocurrency has caused a considerable number of myths and prejudices. Someone takes a risk and invests in tokens, and this will increase their investments. Someone does not even want to figure out how to buy cryptocurrency because it is not an absolute value. But how are things?

First, you should understand that people’s trust backs the value of any currency. For example, the US dollar. It is the gold standard, the value of which nothing supports. However, people worldwide use it as a means of payment. It is just a piece of paper that has no exceptional value. But people believe in the reliability of this currency, which makes it reliable and stable.

What Provides Cryptocurrency Value

The first thing that provides a cryptocurrency’s value is people’s trust. Tokens work on the blockchain. It is an open book in which all transactions with coins are recorded. Decentralized governance allows all users of a cryptocurrency to manage it. That is, people’s faith in technology ensures the stability and value of cryptocurrencies.

Not only people believe in cryptocurrency, but also large companies. Microsoft, Tesla, and Visa use tokens as payment for their goods and services, take an active part in developing the virtual currency system, and invest in them. Is this not an indicator of the value of cryptocurrency?

You can get coins using mining. It is a unique process for producing cryptocurrency, which requires time, specific knowledge, technology, and energy. About the same as with the dollar. The production of banknotes also requires equipment, technology, and time.

In addition, some tokens are backed by fiat funds. For example, Tether. Its value provides the dollar amount in the Federal Reserve. It is the reserve that offers the cryptocurrency exchange rate and its stability.

How the Value of a Cryptocurrency is Determined

The value of a cryptocurrency depends on several factors. Foremost, the rate of tokens is affected;

  • market capitalization;
  • demands;
  • trading volume.

Market capitalization is the total number of coins that exist in the world. Trading volume is the cryptocurrency that users operate on. User interest determines demand. The more popular of the cryptocurrency, the more investors will be interested in buying it. Accordingly, the value and cost of tokens will be higher.

It is also essential to consider that the more coins there are, the lower the rate of each of them can be. It is determined by the fact that investors have a wide choice of where to invest. That is, the coin’s value may fall, leading to a financial crisis.

Utility is another factor that plays a significant role. Cryptocurrencies can be used as a payment instruments for investments and capital increases. It is worth considering that universal coins can be used in different ways. A striking example: is bitcoins in circulation. It is used for investments and payment for services. Some tokens are used only as a payment instrument or for investments.

It is difficult to underestimate how popularity in the media affects the value of cryptocurrency. The more people hear about tokens, the more they are interested in them. Advertising of virtual currency dramatically influences its value.

Separately, it is worth noting that the technology that underlies cryptocurrency plays a significant role. Blockchain is used for applications, data storage, and other operations. The more users use the technology, the higher its value. The potential of technology modifies its value. And the value of cryptocurrency too.


The fact that cryptocurrency is not backed by anything is a myth. It is just the prejudice of those who do not understand the technology. The actual value of tokens is supported by the faith of the people who use them and the technologies that underlie them.

Understanding all cryptocurrency’s intricacies and the value behind virtual coins is essential. It is the first step towards development and successful investments.


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