Cryptocurrency Seeps Into The Sports Industry

UssCyber, a blockchain platform company situated in the US, is transforming the crypto-world through its World Sports Coin Exchange (WSCE).

UssCyber is introducing blockchain technology into the world of Sports. Giving the transparency and trust blockchain technology brings, UssCyber’s World Sports Coin Exchange (WSCE) will be the first cryptocurrency trading platform that will provide sports fans with an opportunity to invest in their favorite teams.

UssCyber has a 20-year-plan, introducing different sports every year. Their first sport is Football, and they are planning to introduce World Football Coin Exchange (WFCE) by March 2020. Their World Football Coin Exchange (WFCE) will be the first in line crypto-trading platform that will give football fans the sense of ownership to their favorite teams.

By Introducing ‘Tokens’, the value of the teams will fluctuate based on team performance, altering the worth of the said tokens. Depending upon the team’s value, the fans can buy or sell their tokens. The token price will fluctuate according to the win/loss/draw percentage of each team, all of which is supported by a robust algorithm working on live data. This is the first time such a thing is happening.

They will introduce 50 million tokens per team, making 25 million tokens for public use and reserving the rest of 25 million.

On the company’s future plans, the CEO and founder of UssCyber, Michel Pacifico said, “We are NOT just building a crypto platform, we are focus on tokenizing the sports industry by launching on our exchange all the major sports in the world, with no manipulation, our algorithm and exchange platform is secure and reliable.”

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