Cryptocurrency PRIZM Developed by the programmers of “CWT” International Public Movement.

Developed by the programmers of “CWT” International Public Movement. There is no emission center, it can be used as a fully transparent (blockchain) and decentralized payment system. (

Advantages – speed of transactions – up to 1 minute. Capacity is not limited – up to hundreds of thousands of transactions per minute (1 block / 1 min). The minimum commission is 0.5% up to $ 10. After the transfer amount, where 0.5% exceeds $ 10 – a fixed fee is $ 10. Which means when transferring $ 1 million through PRIZM from one place to another anywhere in the world, you will pay a commission of only $ 10.

Due to the technical implementation of a completely different concept of the emission of new coins, than in all other crypto-currencies, PRIZM becomes even more decentralized as it develops and is not becoming a centrist model. We are the first who solved the problem of 51%. This problem could not have been solved by any team out of the existing crypto currencies in the world.

Open Source Code here –  

The project is designed for absolutely any audience, in absolutely any country in the world; the target audience are all the people of the planet. Mission of PRIZM is to make a smooth transition from the world financial system, based on the US dollar, to crypto-economy, the future economy, built on the blockchain. We believe that Russia in this regard can become a leading player, directing the development of crypto-economy into the channel of decentralization, can win due to this, and can become a leader for all, including the developed in the financial sphere countries.

Our objectives:

First – the full implementation of PRIZM pre-mine (10 million coins). It’s like ICO in other projects. Only after this, the project becomes truly decentralized. All new coins are accrued only on the basis of the old ones. The pre-mine will be completely distributed and will not be in the hands of its creators, but in the hands of the users of the system.

The PRIZM payment infrastructure will be created with the proceeds from the sale of the pre-mine. Which will be: the listing in online and offline exchanges / certified crypto-exchangers, linking of PRIZM to VISA payment system. As well as active promotion of PRIZM crypto currency – production of TV series translated to different languages ​​- about PRIZM crypto currency, organization of dozens of regular online / offline conferences and daily trainings around the world, etc.

Blockchain technology is used in PRIZM project, it is based on NXT Core, which was completely redesigned during development. A unique Paramining mechanism has been implemented, that is, the emission of new coins is untied (separated) from the mining / forging process, as it happens in any other crypto currency (Proof-of Work / Proof-of-Stake).

In PRIZM, the decentralized emission of new coins is carried out in the wallets of all users of the network simultaneously. Due to this, as the network develops, new coins from the Genesis wallet are being allocated to an increasing number of addresses. Thus, PRIZM coins are constantly being dispersed and decentralization is constantly increasing.

The speed of creating of new coins depends on two factors. The elements of network marketing on blockchain is used in the mechanism of Paramining. Due to this, the network can develop by itself, expanding and absorbing more and more users.

The PRIZM system will never become a centrist model, as it happens with Bitcoin (mining pools) or in Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrencies (the volume of the stake). Setting up the nodes and generating the blocks is easy and possible for each person by using his/her home computer as this task is not complicated.

The unique paramining of PRIZM is technically not implemented anywhere else, in any crypto currency, in any country. This is a unique blockchain development, which has no analogues in the world, so this part of the source code is currently encoded by the licensed Java encoder. It will be decoded and kept in public access after the full distribution of pre-mine.

In PRIZM cryptocurrency all the minuses of other world’s crypto-currencies have been completely eliminated and all the advantages of other world’s crypto-currencies have been collected. Since the launch, PRIZM team has overcome many difficulties: but not only the viability of the project in a rather aggressive environment, but also its prospects and long-term perspectives – were shown.

The main difficulty, of course, is the stereotypes imposed on the existing world financial system over the past 100 years, as well as the superiority of top-level crypto-currencies. We hope that our ideology and our PRIZM tool will erase these stereotypes and PRIZM will serve for the benefits of the people not only in Russia, but all over the world.

As written above, at the moment the distribution of pre-mining is carried out, for the purpose of implementation of the further development strategy. But we are interested not just in investors for our project, but we are primarily looking for partners in countries that can “spray” PRIZM to as many participants as possible.

It is this approach that will allow PRIZM to pass the path of development which Bitcoin had, in the shortest possible time. We are sure that PRIZM will not only catch up with Bitcoin in terms of capitalization and the number of users, but will also bypass it, as it is technically superior in its parameters.

The project was created primarily as a convenient and modern international means of payment. To become a payment tool – the tool which Bitcoin has never become.  

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