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Cryptocurrency pledging platform raises record-breaking $18 million, surpassing expectations

In a recent and significant development, the world’s leading cryptocurrency pledging platform, 0xboost, announced the successful raising of significant funding exceeding $18 million. This milestone achievement signifies 0xboost’s continued growth and widespread recognition in the cryptocurrency industry.

As a ground-breaking pledging platform, 0xboost is devoted to providing users with safe and steady pledging services while helping them to increase their cryptocurrency value. By offering a range of innovative features and efficient operational processes, 0xboost has rapidly gained global recognition.

The surpassing of the fundraising target demonstrates 0xboost’s value, appeal, and the confidence investors have in its prospects. These funds will be utilized to further expand the platform’s features and services, improve pledging experiences, and enhance the platform’s security and stability.

The founder and CEO of 0xboost stated when announcing this milestone, “We are honored to have received the support and trust of so many investors, which will enable us to continue improving and expanding our platform for better user satisfaction. We firmly believe that 0xboost will become the world’s leading cryptocurrency pledging platform, bringing more opportunities for value appreciation for our users.”

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