Cryptocurrency Markets Demand Intelligence

A Robot Gets Its Wings

Increasing complexity requires improved adaptability and analytical competence to survive. The cryptocurrency markets are a case in point. Even massive cryptocurrencies with long trading histories and deep markets experience daily volatility multiples times the forex markets.

Exchanges are proliferating, with 200 already significant enough to be included in aggregate trackers. Each has varying user requirements and trade execution practices. This bodes ill for traders working manually with visualizations of historical prices or configuring bots that trade using simple rules. With estimates of 100,000 new traders registering at exchanges across the globe per day, the demand for intelligent, integrated trading capabilities have never been higher.

Modular, Comprehensive Services

These needs drive the vision and development of the Cryzen trading platform. Integrating with top exchanges (gemini, binance, coinbase pro, etc), Cryzen brings the ability to adaptively distribute trades across all exchanges for which the user has accounts. To develop trading strategies, Cryzen offers intuitive interfaces for non-programmers and fine-grained customization for those who can express their strategies in Python. Former quants and machine learning engineers will appreciate the development environment and data pipeline, which accelerates the time to live trading by handling all of the tedious tasks associated with building a test environment and accessing fragmented data.

Traders without programming experience can leverage a series of template algorithms that can be tweaked and run from an intuitive user interface. Such users can customize and implement strategies incorporating momentum, arbitrage, volatility, and pretrained machine learning models, among an ever expanding set. For users with experience in Python, Cryzen’s online code editor and training environment supports developers leveraging all of their favorite Python machine learning libraries, such as Tensorflow, Keras, and Scikit-learn.

Even for very experienced software engineers collecting, organizing, and interacting with all of the data coming off the exchanges and blockchains in an elegant and modular way would require a gargantuan effort and not benefit from code reviews, peer programming, and the many other professional quality assurance steps taken by the Cryzen team.

Data is the new Oil

No matter how sophisticated the algorithm used for developing trading strategies, it will miss important indicators of price movements without access to all relevant data streams. Cryzen offers a robust data pipeline covering all facets of the cryptocurrency landscape, including:

  1. Twitter data and derived sentiment from tweets;

  2. Reddit data and derived sentiment from reddit posts;

  3. Google trends data for cryptocurrency related search phrases;

  4. Event data, including but not limited to:

    a) New coin listings; b) Network upgrades; c) Hard forks; and d) Exchange hacks;

  5. Blockchain / ledger level data, including but not limited to:

    a) Network speed / confirmation times; b) Larger transfers between wallets; and c) Number of unique wallets;

  6. Pretrained predictive machine learning models, including but not limited to:

    a) Volatility predictors; b) Volume predictors; and c) Network speed / confirmation time predictors.

Learning to Fly

Institutional investors are expected to continue diversifying into cryptocurrencies, with more than 200 crypto-focused hedge funds commencing operations since the beginning of 2017. In addition, deep technical expertise is flowing into exchanges and data services, opening up the opportunity to implement ever more robust and sophisticated trading strategies.

Independent traders looking to compete in this fast-moving, global asset class, will require adaptive bots trading on complete and detailed information. Complex algorithmic trading is about to get a whole lot more accessible with the tools and data streams coming up on the Cryzen platform through 2018.

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