Cryptocurrency Management Redefined: Discover What’s New in B2BinPay v18 Release

Cryptocurrency Management Redefined

Soon after the impactful v17 release, B2BinPay is widening the boundaries further, launching a suite of additional enhancements with the much-anticipated v18 release.

This latest instalment marks a significant landmark for B2BinPay customers, introducing an integrated account system that seamlessly combines Merchant and Enterprise models.

The main goal is to simplify the intricate landscape of cryptocurrency transactions, coupled with a redesigned front end and reinforced regulatory compliance, elevating user experience and strengthening security measures.

Account Unification

Cryptocurrency Management Redefined

The v18 release introduces a transformative change for B2BinPay clients by implementing account unification, named Merge. This strategic update combines the distinct Merchant and Enterprise business models into a unified, user-friendly interface, offering clients unparalleled flexibility in customising functionalities.

This streamlined approach empowers clients, giving them enhanced control over transactions within a seamlessly integrated system.

Here’s what these user-centric advantages actually bring.

Simplified Account Structure

The account structure undergoes a substantial renovation, erasing the separation between Merchant and Enterprise users. A singular account now serves as the gateway to both crypto processing service types’ functionalities, simplifying the registration process and enabling businesses to promptly access services without navigating through exhaustive details about each type.

Improved Client Onboarding and Operation

The onboarding process undergoes a transformation into a seamless, one-time step featuring a unified fee applicable across the board. After onboarding, clients enjoy the freedom to choose and transition between product services seamlessly, adapting to evolving business needs without the additional costs or complicated administrative procedures. This streamlined approach respects clients’ time and facilitates seamless growth.

Innovative Frontend & Enhanced Functionality

The v18 release not only introduces an aesthetically pleasing interface in harmony with the visual identity of the B2Broker group but also strengthens the system’s speed and security. Core features remain intact, ensuring a smooth transition to this refurbished platform.

Key areas experiencing a comprehensive renovation include:

Wallets & Transfers

Cryptocurrency Management Redefined

A cleaner design and streamlined processes minimise clicks and loading times, amplifying the efficiency of financial operations. Interfaces governing payouts, bank withdrawals, and exchanges have undergone refinement, simplifying all financial operations and saving valuable time for customers.

Updated Account Menu

Cryptocurrency Management Redefined

The renovated Account Menu is visually appealing, more user-friendly and secure. The updated interface simplifies the management of accounts, preferences, API permissions, and profiles. Additionally, incorporating Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) enhances security, fostering reliable financial transactions.

Flexible Invoice Management

Cryptocurrency Management Redefined

Removing the 7-day limit on merchant invoice expiration injects flexibility into invoice timelines, aligning with individual business processes.

Intuitive Helpdesk Experience

Cryptocurrency Management Redefined

Significant enhancements enrich the user experience, facilitating streamlined access to multilingual support following a well-defined schedule. The addition of sticker notifications facilitates staying updated and responsive.

Rates Interface Improvements

Cryptocurrency Management Redefined

The Rates UX witnesses improvements in favourites and filtering capabilities, now residing in a top-level menu for enhanced efficiency and easier access while managing currency rates.

FATF Travel Rule Compliance

Cryptocurrency Management Redefined

In a persistent commitment to upholding the highest regulatory compliance standards, B2BinPay, operating as a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP), has seamlessly integrated a Travel Rule solution provider, Notabene.

This integration ensures adherence to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Travel Rule requirements, playing a pivotal role in detecting suspicious activities and preventing money laundering and fraud.

Final Reflection

As an all-inclusive cryptocurrency payment provider, B2BinPay empowers businesses to securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively manage crypto transactions on a global scale. 

The v18 release brings many exciting features and advancements to businesses, so if you are searching for a reliable, user-friendly crypto payment processor provider, make sure to check out B2BinPay.

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