Cryptocurrency Exchange Powered by Education: CryptoZink’s CEO Noel Borges explains how his project will help mass adoption of crypto

CryptoZink’s co-founder and CEO Noel Borges is building a hybrid digital asset exchange designed to educate users about cryptocurrency trading.  He believes there is a knowledge gap that does not allow ordinary people to understand the blockchain. Borges suggests that mass adoption of cryptocurrency will begin only when these people learn what it is. To get more details, we sat down with Noel to talk about CryptoZink.

What is a next generation hybrid digital asset exchange and why does the world need one, in your opinion?

A next generation hybrid digital asset exchange blends the very best elements of centralized exchanges with the very best elements of decentralized exchanges. The world needs one because the digital asset exchange model today is still imperfect. Centralized exchanges routinely get hacked, have abysmal customer service and are vulnerable to such Wall Street perils as commingling, rehypothecation, fractal reserve hazards and dilution of voter efficacy. Decentralized exchanges are difficult to use, fail to bring order matching and liquidity, and they might turn out to be slow. CryptoZink’s hybrid model averts these weaknesses and optimizes the customer experience.

How is CryptoZink different from other digital asset exchanges out there?

We get that question often.  CryptoZink’s strongest differentiator is curation. Everything on our platform, from the coins listed to the educational content to our news aggregator will be curated through a decentralized TCR. Stated otherwise, the community of ZINK token holders will band together as a cohesive ecosystem to identify, prequalify and select what ought to inhabit our platform. The power, nobility and enlightenment of a TCR will be leveraged to ensure that only the purest and most meaningful coins are listed, the most effective educators and educational materials are brought to our platform and the most accurate, trustworthy and reliable news and analysis is posted. Trust is a gap in today’s exchanges, and CryptoZink will solve this trust gap.

How will CryptoZink educate investors and speculators?

Through various levels of education. From “What is a Bitcoin?” to “Why is Bitcoin Cash forking?” to “Is ICE a good thing for cryptocurrency?”  Whatever the investor’s level of sophistication, CryptoZink will bring appropriately calibrated educators, subject matter experts and educational materials to properly equip an investor to make an informed, responsible and winning decision. Educators will put together curricula, syllabi and course materials tailored for each caliber of investor, and educators will also be available for one on one sessions. Moreover, the carefully curated content of our news aggregator will have the most accurate and reliable news, analysis and forecasts. Finally, the community itself will upload content and educational materials directly from members, which will be guarded by TCR curation and incentivized by rewards.

What does the TCR acronym stand for?

Token Curated Registry. It is the underpinning of our cryptocurrency exchange. It will affect the education platform. It will affect how we decide which coins to list or which coins to delist.  Everything will be powered by the community – members act as registers who vote on all decisions. Thus, CryptoZink users could vote tokens and educational content out of the platform. A true cryptocurrency exchange should have a community at the helm. Rather than having it being completely centralized.  This concept is not unique to crypto. The Token Curated Registry will be effective in all industries.

You plan to have a stablecoin.  What fiat currencies will you use to back it with?

None. Our stable coin will be supported primarily by real estate holdings, and secondarily – by traditional assets: equities, debt, commodities, fine art and the like. Eighty percent will be real estate and twenty percent will be a blend of different commodities. The eighty percent of the real estate will include both commercial and residential properties scattered throughout the world.  That too will have a curated community component to it. The community will be able to determine which real estate properties we should sell, purchase, or hold.

Why will your ZINK token (ZINK) have one-to-one parity with the United States Dollar?

One-to-one parity with the dollar will keep the equity in the exchange by making transferring of cryptocurrency to stablecoin easier and making trading seamless. It allows for merchants to have a trusted currency that is not going to fluctuate in value.

What does two factor (2FA) authentication do for CryptoZink users?

2FA ensures that our users will be using industry standard security measures. Many elements of our platform are decentralized, which will introduce private keys into a user’s security toolbox.

How will CryptoZink get around the blockchain scalability problem and serve large number of customers at once?

Invention. It is no secret that scalability has not been solved in cryptocurrency. Not with Coinbase, not with Binance, not with Bitcoin, not with Ethereum. Someone needs to solve it. Someone needs to invent it. That invention will happen in the CryproZink ecosystem because we have taken the time to carefully structure a rewards-based innovation program whereby anyone is free to proffer new ideas. If the community upvotes an idea, the author will be rewarded with tokens and also profit share. The same would apply to a developer who comes along and writes the code to implement an upvoted idea. Scalability constitutes a terrific problem set for these future innovators to tackle and solve on the CryptoZink platform.

What is the greatest customer service deficiency at today’s cryptocurrency exchanges?

Do you want that listed alphabetically or in order of importance? There are just too many headaches to enumerate. Long wait times. Poor answers to questions and queries. Lack of subject matter expertise to address specific domains. The list goes on. Lack of education. Scattered information across the web that is not centralized in one location.  Sometimes email waits can take several months. Something like that can be easily solved with proper management.

How will CryptoZink improve mobile support for cryptocurrency users and traders?

Mobile support is necessary. We realize most people are spending countless hours on their mobile phones. CryptoZink will provide an app that makes it as easy to trade as it is to use the Uber app to call a ride.  CryptoZink will allow feedback on the app. So allowing the community to dictate what’s necessary for us will make mobile support easier and more seamless for the beginners, the novice. At the moment, the apps for other exchanges are limited in functionality. Usually, more advanced functions are available through a desktop version.

How will CryptoZink improve support for merchants?

We want to make it easy for merchants to do B2B transactions and to allow them both offline and online.  Users will be able to do online transactions or through a cryptocurrency debit card. A simple swipe will deduct funds from their cryptocurrency account on the exchange.

Why will CryptoZink offer 24-hour-day, seven day a week telephone support?

Because crypto never sleeps. Crypto is global, which means it’s always daytime somewhere. Also, many crypto traders execute their trades or perform their research at night. This is why banks will become obsolete. It’s necessary to have an exchange that is providing around the clock customer service. We’re putting customer service as a priority – on the phone, as well as email support.

What is trans-fee mining and why should cryptocurrency investors be aware of it?

This is a transaction whereby every time a user pays a fee to CryptoZink for a use case, the user receives ZINK tokens. This is how CryptoZink will build a community in which members engage one another. Community members will upload valuable content for others to see. Community members will curate new coins to be listed, they will curate educational content and teachers, they will curate news and analysis, they will proffer new innovations to solve scalability and merchant service problem sets, they will write code to implement new open sourced innovations, and they will motivate one another to be success traders and prosperous investors. That’s the difference between a mere cryptocurrency exchange and a flourishing cryptocurrency community.

What is your background and what unique perspectives do you bring to CryptoZink?

I am an academic at heart but my passion is being an entrepreneur. Where those two meet it would allow me to bring a new perspective to this space.  I was a history teacher for a few years. I can explain something complicated and make it easy enough for everyone to understand. If I can do that with history, we can do that with cryptocurrency.  My background gives me a fresh perspective. That’s why CryptoZink will have education as its foundation.

How did you get involved in cryptocurrency?

I realized that the blockchain was going to become the internet 2.0. I was interested in the technology and how we can truly solve these issues of social justice, from real estate to healthcare. Rather than just sitting and watching this happen why not participate and pioneer some of these changes forward?

Cryptocurrency is going to be one of the largest redistributions of wealth in human history. We want to make sure that the rest of the world, including developing countries and marginalized communities, are participating in cryptocurrency and are at the forefront, pioneering this change.

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