Cryptocurrency Analyst Mason Versluis Ranks the Top 3 Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2021

  • Ethereum’s native cryptocurrency, Ether, has spiked to over $ USD 2,100. 
  • Other cryptocurrencies exceeded expectations with some analysts citing possible irrational exuberance as it keeps defying the odds

The Cryptocurrency ‘frenzy’ that the market has recently experienced has shed light onto the prolific number of financial opportunities that can arise as a result of investing in the right cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin- which has recently proliferated in value to over $ USD 59,000, has been categorized as the ‘best performing asset’ of 2020-2021 with a ROI of approximately 800%. 

In light of the of these changes, as well as the abundant institutional investment and interest that the industry has experienced from the plethora of leading financial figures (such as Visa, Tesla, Paypal and others) who have recently chosen to initiate new policies that allow them to accept different cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, prominent Social Media Influener and Financial Expert Mason Versluis has provided his take on the most ‘safe’ and lucrative cryptocurrencies to invest in in 2021. 

Tik Tok Influencer "Crypto Mason"

Tik Tok Influencer “Crypto Mason”

Quant (QNT) 

The CEO and Co-founder of Quant Network, Gilbert Verdian, also happens to be the creator of the worldwide Blockchain ISO TC307 Standard 

According to Mason Versluis, the QUANT project’s multi-product platform- in conjunction with its decentralised exchange, has inevitably heavily contributed towards its significantly fast rate of growth of the last couple of months- utilizing its own virtual wallet and seeing a prolific number of financial transactions so far.  

Furthermore, a point that should be considered is the potential longevity potential of QNT. The cryptocurrency took a different route to the plethora of ones that saw a significant boost in market price as a result of the BTC rally, and has contrarily relatively recently began to consistently grow at an exponential pace. At a current market price of just under $ USD 49 QNT has a prolific amount of potential to keep rising in the future and consequently serves as a significantly robust cryptocurrency investment at a relatively small opportunity cost. 

Ethereum (Ether)

Ether’s price has spiked to over $ USD 2,100, hitting an all time high and maintaining its year-long frenzy. 

Mason Versluis has given his take on the potential investment opportunities that one can reap by investing in Etherium’s native cryptocurrency (Ether). These include the fact that, despite its globally recognised eminence, it remains at a relatively small market price in comparison to bitcoin. ‘This suggests a potential for exponential returns on investment at a relatively small opportunity cost’ says Mason. 

Moreover, it should be duly noted that the DeFi projects- a currently global hot trend, are almost all built on top of Ethereum- leading to certain market analysts to conclude that an even bigger rise in the market price of Ethereum is likely to shortly follow. Coin (CRO)

In light of the aforementioned Visa announcement, CRO is undoubtedly a rather lucrative investment option to consider in 2021. The cryptocurrency provides its prolific users with ‘crypto visa cards’ which can be used for financial transactions and fiat-currency conversions. 

With Visa officially entering the cryptocurrency market, Mason Versluis has predicted that the demand for CRO is likely to increase similarly to that of Bitcoin following Tesla’s significant investment, and therefore investors should expect a consequent proliferation in demand for payment options and merchant accounts. 

The site- which has already amassed over 10,000,000 users and can operate in over 100 different global cryptocurrencies, provides a plethora of additional benefits. For example, the provided Visa cards can offer an up to 8% cash back on card spending, and this can be paid directly in cryptocurrency.

Philanthropy, Spirituality and Cryptocurrency: Mason Versluis takes a unique perspective

Mason Versluis (Crypto Mason) is a leading Tik Tok influencer and Cryptocurrency Expert who is most well known for his ability to combine the dynamic world’s of Health, Spirituality and Cryptocurrency. 

With his global audience that exceeds 100,000 people, Versluis acts as a financial wizard for the ample persons around the world who are looking to strike a balance between significant monetary success & financial security, and a robust mental health. As an active philanthropist, he has repeatedly used his prolific industry connections to liaise with a plethora of individuals and consequently organise life-changing altruistic donations, as well as regularly carried out ‘giveaways’ to his trusted fanbase as a way of giving back.

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