Cryptocurrency Analysis Platforms


As the demand for crypto assets continues to grow, many people are looking for cryptocurrency analysis platforms to help them determine which ones are the best. These services can be extremely valuable when it comes to making an informed investment decision. For example, you can learn more about a particular currency’s growth potential, how it has performed in the past, and how its price might change in the future.


Coinigy is a trading analysis platform that offers multi-exchange crypto charting and an intuitive UI. It provides users with access to live market data and technical indicators from over 40 exchanges. It also offers portfolio management, trading tools, and more. It’s available for both desktop and mobile users, including Android, iOS, and Windows.

Coinigy uses a multi-tiered server architecture to provide secure and dependable service. Its servers are hosted on Google’s data centers and are protected by AES 256-bit encryption. In addition, each request is encrypted and verified.

Its comprehensive feature set includes an API integration for real-time data. This allows users to place orders and check account balances without logging out of the Coinigy platform. It also offers a variety of alerts. These include email and SMS notifications.

Coinigy also uses strong encryption for user data, and it’s built to protect against malicious actors. Its team has a lot of experience in web security, and they’re committed to keeping its systems secure. They use DNS-level DDOS protection and a secure SSL protocol.

It’s also got a robust customer support system. The company has an active presence on social media, as well as a dedicated phone number and email address. The website fully documents its privacy policy. Its servers are regularly audited and monitored.

It supports a wide range of payment options, including credit cards and Paypal. It also features a 30-day free trial. Its referral program includes a $15 bonus for each new sign-up.

For beginners, Coinigy has a tutorial and other materials to get you up and running. Its official YouTube channel has videos that explain how to use the platform.


TradingView is a financial analysis and charting tool that is offered for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It provides real-time price data, historical charts, and technical indicators.

It also offers a social network component, providing a space for members to discuss and share trading ideas. The company claims over 30 million monthly visitors. Its users can choose from a free trial or an annual subscription.

Its social networking feature is centered around its “Ideas” section. The section features lists, news, and chat rooms. It is easy to find ideas by type and theme, and users can like and comment on other people’s ideas.

The toolbar includes several overlays for chart marking. In addition, it features a library of technical indicators. It also allows users to create their own custom indicators, and it can be configured for specific instruments.

There is also an integrated live-streaming service. It saves videos after a stream and can be used on demand. You can interact with others during the stream and view your own video replays.

TradingView offers a free seven-day trial. You can use the platform on any device, including PC, iOS, Mac, Android, and Chromebook. It supports cryptocurrencies and stocks.

Its charting tools are available natively in the TradingView trading UI. Unlike some other exchanges, it does not require a download of its client. It does, however, charge $24,000 per year for its Bloomberg Terminal although there are plenty of other Bloomberg alternatives on the market.

Its charting tools are highly customizable. You can change colors, add/remove price lines, and set time scales. In addition, you can apply custom scripts to indicators. Its tools are also available for the Binance exchange.

You can use Tradelize to access the leading crypto exchanges. It also offers a range of features for day traders. Its charting tools include technical indicators, time of sale alerts, charts with visual trading, and other useful features.

Coin Metrics

Coin Metrics is a leading provider of crypto asset market data. The Boston-based company organizes global crypto data and delivers actionable analytics and network risk solutions.

Coin Metrics offers a comprehensive suite of services, including indices, historical data, API, market visualization tools, and custom reports. The firm’s research includes network analysis and macroeconomic trends.

The Coin Metrics team is composed of experienced financial industry veterans. Their data provides information that helps individual investors and financial institutions worldwide to make smart investment decisions.

The Coin Metrics API lets users build applications or trade strategies using the metrics they need. The API includes market capitalizations, price reference rates, and price history, as well as other granular network data.

The company’s market data feed provides historical data from 30 prominent crypto exchanges. The data enables clients to better understand the ecosystem of digital assets.

The firm has received SOC 2 Type 1 accreditation from Deloitte. In addition to providing real-time data, the company offers detailed guides on how to use the data.

The Coin Metrics website offers charts, which show the prices of various cryptocurrencies. The firm also provides explanations of key concepts. The platform also keeps its users updated with upcoming events.

In addition to providing market data, Coin Metrics also has an extensive list of resources for crypto investors. The website also hosts a subreddit with a community of over 8,500 followers. This gives users an opportunity to interact with others, ask questions, and provide insights on various crypto events.

A number of top-tier investors back the company. Avon Ventures, Morningside Technology Ventures, Goldman Sachs, BNY Mellon, and Fidelity Investments have all invested in the firm. The company has raised $45 million in funding to date.

Token Terminal

Token Terminal is a cryptocurrency analysis platform that delivers standardized metrics on multiple chains. Their API enables users to analyze DAOs by protocol and business line.

While they offer several tools for crypto assets data mining, Token Terminal’s most innovative innovation is their ability to make institutional-grade crypto asset data free and accessible to everyone. They have done this by integrating with a variety of liquidity pools and by providing their unique security key. The result is unrivaled security for the user, as well as the quickest and easiest access to all relevant information.

The Token Terminal isn’t just about metrics though, it also offers the most sophisticated app store of its kind. The app store has a multitude of features, including an advanced trading interface, social networking capabilities, and an augmented reality overlay. You can use this app to interact with other traders, as well as scout for new trading pairs.

The app also boasts a slew of other features, such as a multi-exchange crypto trading platform, a social media analytics dashboard, and a touch to confirm security key. The main benefit of all of this is that you’ll never have to jump from one exchange to the next again. The company has also teamed up with a number of other companies to provide users with a genuinely multi-asset trading experience. In addition to this, a number of cryptocurrencies are supported on the platform, allowing you to trade more than a hundred different cryptocurrencies on a single account.

In short, Token Terminal is the most comprehensive and user-friendly cryptocurrency analysis platform on the market today. Using their software, you can easily compare, contrast, and contrast the data provided by various liquidity pools, which enables you to gain a better understanding of the industry.


Messari is a cryptocurrency analysis platform based in New York that provides a comprehensive view of various cryptocurrencies. It provides a wide range of features, including research, real-time data, charting, and alerts.

The company is primarily focused on aggregating and providing high-quality data on crypto projects. Founded in 2018, Messari has developed a unique solution that leverages nearly all forms of market data. It also includes a comprehensive charting toolkit that provides subscribers with access to 900+ crypto-asset OHLC charts.

Messari is a data and analytics platform for institutional traders. It allows them to track tokens, such as Ethereum and Litecoin, and analyze the market.

Messari also offers a free tier for individuals. This version includes a full suite of charting tools, as well as daily and weekly insights. Users can filter news and events by category. It also offers historical OHLCV candlesticks and tick-level market data. It is designed to help professionals navigate the Web and crypto with confidence.

Messari has raised $21 million, valuing the company at $300 million. In addition, Point72 Ventures, Barry Silbert’s Digital Currency Group, and Brevan Howard Digital have invested in the startup. Another investor, FTX Ventures, was involved in the round.

The company plans to expand its market footprint by adding new products and hiring more employees. Its product roadmap focuses on on-chain governance. The company recently hired Eric Sze, former CFA charter holder and leader of the blockchain strategy at S&P Global.

The Messari Enterprise plan offers advanced collaboration and intel features, including customized alerts and asset intelligence reports. It also provides a detailed analysis of major events for over 300 protocols. It also features a network update system, custom events feed, and a vulnerability assessment tool.

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