CryptoArena’s Novel Self-Decentralized Exchange Puts Users First

CryptoArena creates something extraordinary: an exchange that distributes all net profit to its users.

Putting the Users First

CryptoArena is an advanced blockchain-based startup creating infrastructure that ensures that this expanding ecosystem continues to benefit everyone who works with it, regardless of location, class, or social status.

The goal for blockchain technology has always been to lower the entry barrier and open to the masses what traditional finance reserves for the elite. And yet, many of those same entry barriers continue.

New crypto users often face an expensive environment that requires a lot of time, knowledge, and risk to get up to speed.

CryptoArena states that DeFi should be designed to benefit those who bring value to it – Users – and that’s why they are creating the first self-decentralizing exchange.

Polkadot Relay Chain

CryptoArena will be deployed as a layer-2 parachain utilizing the Polkadot Relay Chain as its layer-1 foundation.

Polkadot’s built-in simplification of cross-chain communication, modularity, scalability, and interoperability are among the essential deciding factors that made it the chain of choice for CryptoArena, ensuring an ideal environment for their automated revenue distribution system.

Gamified Trading to Promote Activity

CryptoArena periodically distributes platform-generated profit with its user community through a gamified point-scoring system that rewards activity and performance.

Distributions to users start at 25% of (net) profit generated and increase over time to 100%.

Transparency is guaranteed with a process that “corroborates probabilistic finality with deterministic proof to achieve proven finality,” coined as Proof of Revenue Distribution (PoRD).

You can read more about what that means and how it works here.

In essence, PoRD guarantees the correct delivery of distributions through blockchain-based smart contracts, ensuring a transparent and immutable process that goes beyond simple trust.

Glory Points and How to Earn Them

One of the more fascinating aspects of CryptoArena’s profit distribution system is what they call Glory Points. A game-like twist on trading:

In short, any action that requires a fee made on the CryptoArena platform will earn the user Glory Points, and the more a user collects, the greater the share of platform profit he receives at the end of each given period.

Several ways to earn these Glory Points have already been laid out, including classical trading, participating in trading competitions, or using the advanced copy trading system, with potentially more to be added down the line.

The Two Tokens – Utility

CryptoArena’s plans include two tokens; a CATS utility token and a security token to be named later.

The CATS token will be listing on Uniswap near the end of this month. These tokens have at least six different use cases as of this writing: Playing NFT Arena, buying nodes, governance, liquidity mining & single-sided staking, CryptoArena competitions, and purchasing glory points multipliers.

The last one on this list is sure to be a favorite. Here’s an example as to why:

Imagine a user knows he/she will be particularly active on CryptoArena this month and accumulate lots of glory points. That user can buy a +5% multiplier on his glory points for the month with the CATS token and increase his profit share!

That’s pretty great! But let’s consider an opposing scenario as well.

For some reason, a user knows that he won’t be very active for a while.

CryptoArena users will still have great options at their disposal.

For example, a less active user could decide to stake his cats, save up to buy a node, or set up a non-custodial agreement based on a success fee with a “Champion” in his advanced copy trading system.

CryptoArena’s plans demonstrate an aim to provide a truly user-focused solution with options that enable users to do what is best for them. And as more volume goes through the platform, more revenue gets distributed, which means the multiplier becomes more desirable.

The Two Tokens – Security

Their second token is the security token. These tokens are essentially like owning a small piece of the company. These tools are real securities designed for Holders.

The more volume goes through CryptoArena, the larger its distributions become. The security tokens give rights to direct dividends, as well as unique extra bonuses.

CryptoArena distributes profit as incentives & rewards, promoting further profit-generating activity from Users. Amounts distributed increase as a consequence of both their unique “self-decentralization process” and direct business success, meaning that this income stream will grow over time rather than gradually decreasing.

Holding these security tokens looks like a great way to secure passive income over the long term throughout the self-decentralization process.

NFT Arena

A common theme of CryptoArena is user experience. And users want entertainment. Enter NFT Arena.

NFT Arena is a trading card game where players use their own NFTs as game assets rather than buying cards. Stake an NFT on the smart contract to make it a card, and use those NFTs to battle an opponent.

Depending on the game mode chosen, a player can play for fun or up the stakes with varying levels of risk.

Players can bet CATS tokens, win NFT cards from their opponents, and in hardcore mode, can burn an opponent’s NFTs to upgrade their own if they win!

Any player who wins five games of hardcore, burning 5 NFTs, gets to upgrade the attributes to one of his own wrapped NFTs.

NFT Arena Nodes

NFT Arena also provides another source of passive income through NFT Arena Nodes. Node owners will receive passive income earned through the fees paid by the players for wrapping/unwrapping cards.

CryptoArena plans to begin a round of node sales before the end of the month.

CryptoArena made NFT Impact

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding CryptoArena and a newly created tool that they call NFT Impact.

CryptoArena’s tool recently made the largest NFT airdrop in crypto-history, with 1.33 million NFTs sent to recently used Ethereum addresses.

These NFTs were used for marketing purposes for CryptoArena and as a proof of concept for an entirely new niche for mass marketing.

The tool utilizes MATIC, and the received NFTs can all be seen in a recipient’s Ethereum wallet via, for example, Arkane Market or OpenSea.

In other words, there’s no need for complicated explanations about how to change networks, no exorbitant gas fees, just a powerful tool that adds to the many use cases of NFTs.

NFT Impact – Future Plans

CryptoArena plans to use NFT Impact to develop NFT newsletters, subscription services, and airdrop marketing campaigns to advertise for themselves and provide an additional profit source for their users.

“The NFT Impact mass drop tool is a quantum leap forward in crypto marketing that will help open people’s minds to all the other possible use cases for NFTs. There’s so much that is yet to be explored. A lot of really great projects could use this to raise awareness of their brands at minimal cost.” – NFTIgnition, CMO

Building the Community for Tomorrow

CryptoArena’s drive for innovation and exploration combined with a distinct ethic to put their users first makes them an exciting project to watch moving forward.

Let’s hope their fresh perspective inspires the same focus in projects across the crypto space. You can learn more about CryptoArena here and join the community on their Telegram Channel to stay informed, keep an eye out for the CATS tokens last presale round coming on the 23rd of June!

Learn More About CryptoArena

CryptoArena is the first self-decentralized Exchange—an exchange that redistributes platform-generated profit back to its users through a game-like points scoring system!

Our platform will provide a friendly but reliable solution that brings new opportunities to everyone, inexperienced and pros alike. With our Advanced Copy Trading, NFT Arena Trading Card Game, and a Glory Points system that increases a user’s share of the revenue with every action, there is truly something for everyone at CryptoArena.

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