Crypto Worlds New Crown Jewel: Billionaer Coin From Billionaer Club Universe.

The concept of wealth that we have seen for generations is slowly changing, we grew up to believe that money only belongs to people working in suits and on wall streets, but that notion is slowly changing. The cryptocurrency market has taken the trading world by storm. Digital money a tradable digital asset is a digital form of money built on blockchain technology that only exists online.

There are many cryptocurrencies in the market, but one emerging hero is getting a lot of attention because of its name and unique strategy- Billionaer Coin, The Crown Jewel Of Cryptocurrency as they call it and a part of the Billionaer Club Universe, is a fork of Bitcoin and Litecoin with an upgrade to do the transactions safer, faster and is easily accessible for anyone anywhere.

So, what’s the unique quality we were talking about?

As the name suggests Billionaer Coin has a Maximum 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) coins as a supply limit, which means that BNC value is less likely to go down because of a limited number of coins.

Arian Romal the founder of Billionaer coin who owns many successful and award-winning digital apps like Digital Cinema app, lets partii app, etc explains, “this was a very well thought step that he wanted to take, people are not just investing their money in us, it’s also their time and trust. Because of the demand and supply ratio, Billionaer coin will mostly be profitable to all those who own it.

Billionaer coin is not just a cryptocurrency “Billionaer coin is a part of Billionaer club Universe, it is Electronic Cash that allows fast, inexpensive payments to and from anywhere in the world.

With Billionaer Coin, there are no wire transfer or check clearing fees, no multi-day holding periods, and no fraudulent chargebacks because Billionaer Coin is decentralized, it is not constrained by any particular legal jurisdiction, and provides safety from capital control.”

Arian Romal says: As an entrepreneur, I am always in search of how the future will shape and what will be the next big thing. The future is Digital and we have known that for a while.

Billionaer Club Universe will be a game-changer in the Digital and Metaverse world. I am working to introduce how the Digital World can work with the Real World. That’s where Billionaer Coin will be your Digital Cash and Crypto asset that you can spend, use and pay with for your real-life expenses in the near future.

Beside Billionaer Coin, the Billionaer Club Universe includes Billionaer Gang NFT and Billionaer City, Open World Metaverse game.

And what is Billionaer Gang NFT you might ask?

Deep in the digital mountains of the Metaverse lies a Gang of 7,777 exceptional Billionaer Gang 3D NFT Characters. They represent Confidence, Tranquility, and different personalities that boast style with every stride. These amazing Gang Members got the swag, the style, the confidence & much more. 7,777 well-designed and Amazing 3D NFT Characters.

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