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Crypto Wallets to Choose in 2022

There are many good cryptocurrency wallets that you may be interested in using if you consider yourself a crypto enthusiast. We decided to give you a list of wallets that work best.

There are two types of wallets that you can use:

  • A software wallet like MetaMask is a program that allows you to manage your coins and store them in a secure location.
  • A hardware wallet like Nano Ledger is a small device (a bit larger than a USB stick) that has a tiny OS and will act as your offline storage.

Metamask — use it for Ethereum

ETH is the second biggest cryptocurrency in the whole industry. However, the value of ETH is irrelevant when it comes to utility. Since the vast majority of big DeFi platforms are deployed on the Ethereum network, it means that you will need MetaMask for everything.

MetaMask has separate versions for desktop, mobile, and browser users. The browser extension for Chrome, for example, is a good program to use if you plan to engage with products deployed on the Ethereum network. Many contemporary blockchain games, web 3.0 solutions, exchanges, and other decentralized networks run using the ERC-20 token standard.

MetaMask is a free program that is easy to use and works exceptionally well with Ethereum-based tokens and NFTs.

Coinbase Wallet — provided by a CEX platform

If you are interested in trading or want to start with something easy to use, Coinbase Wallet is a good choice. There are only three tabs to work with. The information is presented concisely without overwhelming users with unnecessary data. You can easily navigate it and understand how many coins you have on separate balances.

Currently, this wallet supports a wide variety of tokens including the flagship token of the crypto industry Bitcoin. You can store LTC, DOGE, XRP, MONERO, and many other ERC-20 and EVM tokens with the total number of assets supported being close to 45 thousand! While many of these coins are already “dead”, there are thousands of active communities that you won’t be a part of if you don’t have a Coinbase Wallet.

This program is released by one of the biggest US-based cryptocurrency exchange. It is a good app that you will find useful and simplistic.

Electrum — when security matters

Electrum is used to store Bitcoin exclusively. If you want to store your BTCs safely, choosing Electrum is a good idea. You will be able to use such safety features as two-factor authentication, hardware wallet integration, and more. It is one of the best software solutions for Bitcoin users in terms of security measures and reliability.

Electrum is also compatible with popular hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger Nano. The app allows you to quickly connect to your devices and synchronize them or simply manage assets easier without the need to install additional software on your PC. One of the biggest advantages of using Electrum is the light client which allows you to dramatically reduce the storage space needed to run a wallet.

Ledger Nano S — a compact hardware wallet

Many people believe that you cannot call yourself a crypto enthusiast if you don’t have a hardware wallet. While it is not a necessity, you should contemplate getting one if you have large enough capital stored in cryptocurrencies. Ledger Nano S is the smallest device in the family of Ledger devices. It is also the cheapest one with the least amount of complicated features.

The compact stick can be attached to your keys and fits nicely in a pocket. You can carry your digital coins with you to show off or use them when convenient.


Choosing the right crypto wallet to use is not a gargantuan task. You can easily find something that works for you. We decided to give you a list of options that make the most sense. It does not mean that you should completely forget about other products.

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