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While cryptocurrencies are growing and there are countless crypto wallets for users, it is difficult to conclude which is the best wallet application for digital assets. Many crypto holders prefer software with high security and anonymity, while others seek comfort and convenience due to the wallet’s ease of use. The more tech-savvy group requires a digital wallet that integrates the up-to-date and most advanced technologies. The most important factor when choosing a wallet is that it must be suitable for your needs. If your goal is an android crypto wallet that can best be compatible with your device, you should not ignore the OWNR crypto wallet. Reviews of how this unique cryptocurrency wallet application works and the advantages it offers will be shown in the following article.

Overview of OWNR Wallet

HD wallet for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies OWNR was born in 2018. The OWNR wallet itself is no stranger to connoisseurs in the field because it is developed by the world’s leading Fintech and blockchain company. The OWNR multi-functional wallet allows storing, buying, selling, and exchanging bitcoins and a wide range of the most popular cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Binance Coin, Dodge, Lite, Dash, Zec, and over 200 types of ERC-20 tokens. Developed algorithms make this wallet software pleasant and smooth to use on Android mobile devices and convenient with diverse payment methods and the highest level of security.

The OWNR crypto wallet offers convenient features that support all crypto trading, swap activities, and payments on the same app. Anyone who is just starting to work with the blockchain system can buy and sell digital assets without any fuss. Experienced traders enjoy the convenience of bank cards and prepaid Visa card payment methods that allow deposits and withdrawals in fiat currencies at supported ATMs and payments for goods and services anywhere in the world. The latest features of this wallet aim to bring premium business solutions to businesses with crypto elements such as payment gateway integration, gift card issuance, salary payment, etc. Shortly, OWNR is expected to launch a few other great features such as testnet, historical exchange rate review, market signal assessment, as well as industry-leading experts’ strategy advice. These unremitting efforts are definitely what make the OWNR cryptocurrency wallet quickly achieve a high position in the market and be trusted by all customers who interact with the blockchain system, regardless of being an amateur or a connoisseur trader. Currently, they have companies set in 7 major countries and participants from 216 countries.

The outstanding features of the OWNR wallet and their advantages will be clarified further below.

1. Visa prepaid card

OWNR is the pioneer wallet application in the field of blockchain that issues prepaid visa cards in both ATM and virtual card forms and offers worldwide coverage. Instead of linking to your bank, this prepaid Visa card directly connects to the OWNR cryptocurrency wallet. Works similarly to a debit card, it allows its holder to pay for goods and services or transfer money in cryptocurrency using the OWNR wallet balance. This wallet also makes it easier to withdraw local fiat currencies and EURO from wallets at ATMs that support cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world.

From another angle, the business card prepaid visa card is a solution for cash flow, even paying employees in cryptocurrencies.

Individuals or businesses can fund the card with BTC, ETH, LTC, or fiat currencies from the OWNR multi-currency wallet balance.

With this unique feature, the OWNR multi-currency wallet is one of the few platforms that allows digital assets to be as practical as any other physical and fiat money.

2. Various payment methods

For convenient and smooth transactions, flexible payment options are necessary. OWNR wallet users can buy, sell, and exchange almost all cryptocurrencies and pay or receive payments in fiat currencies such as EUR, USD, GBP, RUB, and many more via bank cards, Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, or prepaid visa cards, as mentioned above with preferential rates. Users also do not have to worry about safety when transacting with bank cards because the OWNR wallet does not allow a bank card link on the application, ie each transaction traders will need to enter card information and go through swift verification steps. Although there are additional operations, those efforts are insignificant compared to the need for information security.

3. Built-in exchanger with API

Innovative crypto wallet OWNR uses API technology that allows the integration of a cryptocurrency exchanger in a wallet application, eliminating all unnecessary and hassle back-and-forth transitions between separate applications or exchanges. In addition to high-cap coins such as BTC, ETH, DASH, ZEC, LTC, and USDT fiat currency, a list of cryptocurrencies and fiat money and rate history reviewing will be added in a short time, diversifying conversion options and helping traders predict trends more accurately and seize the opportunity to increase their digital assets rapidly.

4. Security and Legality of Cryptocurrencies

OWNR non-custodial crypto wallet holders have full control over their assets and account security information. Formatted as an HD wallet, the security of the OWNR wallet is developed based on an original seed phrase – essentially a phrase consisting of 12/15/18/24 random, visible words displayed in 8 languages. OWNR wallet users can thus generate up to 20 different addresses from this root phrase instead of using public and private keys like other wallets. This seed code is also used to recover any previous HD wallets and is stored on or off mobile devices. For the highest level of multi-layered security, digital asset holders on the OWNR wallet platform can also set an extra security code for the original seed phrase and wallet app with either a password, TouchID, or FaceID.

The developer of the OWNR wallet application is licensed to provide money services globally. It means that blockchain traders using the OWNR wallet are required to comply with international provisions regarding the legality of the cryptocurrency being traded. In transactions larger than 50 euros, crypto buyers have to verify with identification and proof of residential address. This step is for the sole purpose of ensuring the transparent origin of circulating cryptocurrencies for the benefit of users.

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