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Crypto Steps Into The Sports Arena With Voyager Digital And HUH Token Amasses 12,000 Holders!

This bullish crypto season it seems that cryptocurrencies are venturing out from the blockchain and becoming involved with the likes of mainstream traditional banking, play-to-earn systems with the gaming industry and even hitting the cyber ball out of the park by getting into the sporting game! 

It’s been one heck of a ride so far, this month, and it appears, despite the occasional market dip that cryptocurrencies are making marvellous strides to a crypto future.

HUH Token has 12,000 holders and appears to be gaining even more, as it makes strides towards increased popularity and usability, hence its one-of-a-kind title: Utimeme. HUH Token has made some amazing steps in its first two weeks on the cryptocurrency market.  Voyager Digital has stepped onto the playing field and made major connections with the sporting world, something new to be seen for the cryptocurrency world. 

Exciting times are ahead for Voyager Digital, HUH Token and potentially you as well… but why?

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HUH Token Is Growing! 

It’s only been two weeks since HUH Token launched on Monday, December 6th and it seems like the cryptocurrency world has eaten HUH Token up, like a nice all-butter biscuit dunked in a cup of tea. 

In fact, whilst writing this article, 12,000 holders have loved HUH Token so far and it appears that the Utimeme token is making strides to further its relationship with HUH Token holders and gain further growing popularity. 

HUH Token have aims of amassing 1million holders in 3 months! 

HUH Token has amassed over a cool $175million in market cap, 100% increase or bounce back from market dips, and even began the process of burning HUH Token to increase the value for its holders. 

Initially HUH Token burnt $1million worth of HUH token, though it appears that now, HUH Token intend to burn another $3million worth of HUH Token! 

Things seem to keep getting better for newcomers on the cryptocurrency market, HUH Token. 

In fact, at the time of writing this article, HUH Token had won a CoinGecko investment poll… where frequent users of CoinGecko and the Telegraph could vote for their favourite newcomer for the chance to win a $300k investment! HUH Token hit the home run and beat out the likes of Facebook Metaverse and Baby Doge (who were strong contenders for the prize). 

If you’re looking to be a part of HUH Token, amongst its bullish first two weeks, you can check them out on the likes of,,, PancakeSwap and BitForex… amongst many others here you can find all the graphs and stats you could desire. 

HUH also offer a unique smart referral contract: 

The holder of HUH Token receives a code that, when used by anyone, will provide the holder a 10% BNB bonus for the referred party’s first deposit, as well as a 10% sales charge reduction. As many new people as you want can use the code.

A Voyage to Greatness 

It seems that in the modern world many cryptocurrencies are looking to support the endeavour of sports, and it seems like a great notion to be a part of… given that sport and crypto communities share a lot of similar core values. 

Crypto and sport both see the value in the humanitarian endeavour, and it appears that the likes of Voyager Digital and Coinbase are becoming large donors for the NBA, Women’s football leagues and the like. 

Not to mention purchasing the Los Angeles base arena- The Staples Centre. 

With a great acceptance and widespread usability of cryptocurrencies and their blockchain technologies, it could see the future of finance leaning towards digital currencies. 

Voyager digital has certain contracts with the Dallas Mavericks, NASCAR drivers amongst many, many others…. Demonstrating that cryptocurrency could be finding a new addition to their audience and with it a potential increase in value, accessibility and reach.

If you’re looking to become involved in cryptocurrency or simply want some more information before making a purchase, then you can visit the sites below or begin where you see fit. 

Though, it appears, that the likes of Voyager Digital and HUH Token could be setting out the cornerstones for a very interesting cryptocurrency future. 

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