Crypto Self-Custody Made Easy with ArculusTM Cold Storage Wallet.

Crypto Self Custody

Arculus™ by CompoSecure is a cold storage crypto hardware wallet that offers the most robust security, while at the same time gives an ease of use that is unparalleled. Thanks to its easy form factor and ingenious 3-factor authentication system, crypto and NFT security is made simple.

Many people prefer to store their crypto on web or mobile wallets and exchanges. The use of hot wallets gives them an easy way to access their assets. The versatility of an exchange’s built-in wallet makes trading crypto and NFTs fast and easy. 

However, these wallets are prone to security issues. Many methods can be employed by bad actors to gain access to your mobile or web wallet. The same goes for crypto exchanges, since all major platforms are centralised in nature and vulnerable just like online websites.

Arculus offers a cold wallet solution that gives control of digital assets to their true owners.

Arculus: The Legend Updated

Arculus was the name of the Roman god of strongboxes. The ancient Romans prayed to Arculus to protect their wealth. In modern times, the god has been “reincarnated” as a sleek metal card that protects your digital assets.

As a smart and simple cold storage solution for crypto and NFTs, the Arculus Key™ Card comes with a top-of-the-line CC EAL6+ Secure Element that encrypts all data as well as generates and stores your private keys. The hardware wallet cannot connect to WiFi or Bluetooth, making it impossible to hack into. Plus, it doesn’t require charging. The key card is used in conjunction with the Arculus WalletTM App that can be installed on your mobile and uses 3-factor authentication to protect your assets in the most secure way possible:

  • You and Your Biometrics: The Arculus Wallet App requires biometric authentication. This ensures that only you can unlock it using face ID or fingerprint.
  • 6 Digit PIN: Your wallet has an additional security layer, which requires you to enter a 6 digit PIN to unlock your assets.
  • The Key Card: The Arculus Key Card is an NFC-enabled device that you must hold to your mobile phone so the app can connect and unlock your assets.

With the data encrypted in the Key Card and your Wallet App secured through the biometric lock and 6 digit PIN, it is impossible for bad actors to gain access to your digital assets.

Ultra Secure and Easy to Use

USB-based cold storage wallets come with limited usability since you need a desktop to access your assets, which is inconvenient while on the go. Some other devices come with a hardware PIN code, which can add security, but anyone around you can see you enter the code and simply steal your device to gain access.

Arculus offers both mobility and security. Your digital assets are accessible by holding the card to your mobile. Security is ensured by CC EAL6+ Secure Element, biometric identification and digital PIN. It is nearly impossible for anyone to gain unauthorised access, even if your card is lost or stolen.

The Arculus Key Card and Wallet App combination also come with additional features and advantages such as:

  • A continually expanding list of supported crypto coins and NFT chains, allowing you to store your digital assets in one wallet.
  • Supported NFTs means that you don’t need a separate wallet to store your crypto and NFTs.
  • At $99, the hardware wallet is one of the cheapest in the market. The Wallet App is free to download.
  • Comes integrated with WalletConnect, enabling users to link their wallet directly to DeFi ecosystems.
  • Fiat support with USD, Euro and more on the way.
  • Ability to buy or swap supported NFTs and crypto.

In short, Arculus enables you to have complete control of your crypto assets, protecting your privacy and making it easier to store and utilise your digital assets.

About Arculus

Arculus, is the creation of CompoSecure, a technology firm that has made a name in using bleeding edge sciences to create metal cards and secure payment opportunities that are at the forefront of innovation.

From manufacturing plastic and metal-based components for textiles and electronics, the company now produces one of the finest financial cards in the world. Armed with a team of engineers and technicians, CompoSecure possesses the technical, mechanical and security knowledge to produce not only cards, but experiences.

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