Crypto Scam Recovery — How to Recover Money from Crypto Scam

Cryptocurrencies have gained popularity over the last decade. Millions of people worldwide use digital money and other blockchain solutions. Just like with any sphere that involves money, the crypto world attracts numerous scammers. While classic money scams involve stealing fiat funds from unsuspecting victims and their bank accounts, cryptocurrency fraud involves stealing digital tokens. Luckily, for blockchain users, crypto scam recovery solutions exist. Services like Broker Complaint Alert assist with recovering both cryptocurrencies and fiat money from scammers who deal with investments, crypto, Forex, and more. In this article, you will learn more about cryptocurrency fraud and how to recover your lost money efficiently.

About Broker Complaint Alert Services

BCA is the best crypto asset recovery service in the current market. In addition to crypto, Broker Complaint Alert deals with other digital scams. It is rather simple to lose your money on the Internet as scammers find new ways to trick people every day. Increasing your awareness is always good, but not all digital frauds can be easily recognizable. Here are some of the digital fraud types that BCA can help with:

  • Online frauds: There are hundreds of ways to scam people on the Internet, and even experienced users can sometimes fall for it. BCA provides assistance with all kinds of Internet scams.
  • Bank account scams: Cybercriminals often target credit cards and bank accounts of other Internet users. As credit card information is often used online for purchases, people might fall for a range of scams.
  • Trading scams: Stock market and hedge funds often attract scammers too. Trading with other people online might result in losing funds.
  • Forex fraud: Many cyber criminals pretend to be Forex brokers to steal money from unsuspecting traders.
  • Crypto scams: There are many ways to steal crypto from blockchain users. Even though this technology is known for safe payments, cyber scammers find their way to steal digital tokens.

In this article, you will find more detailed information on how to recover money from crypto scam types.

Different Types of Crypto Scams

Many different ways of stealing cryptocurrency exist these days. While blockchain solutions and crypto wallets are usually quite protected, scammers find ways to lure money from cryptocurrency users. It is possible to divide all crypto frauds into two categories:

  1. Scams where cyber criminals want to learn sensitive data of a crypto user to gain access to their cryptocurrency wallet or any crypto storage. With the personal information, they can enter the storage and transfer the tokens to their wallets.
  2. Luring money from users so crypto owners would transfer the funds themselves. This is done by faking identities, promising certain services, dealing with investments, and more. This implies tricking crypto owners to give their money away.

Within these two categories, there are different popular schemes that you should study to avoid such scams in the future. Here are some of the most common cryptocurrency frauds as of now:

  • Manipulation tactics: It is one of the most common types of fraud when it comes to both fiat and crypto money. Scammers pretend to be someone else to lure the necessary information from their victims. They often pretend to be the authorities, respected business owners, technical support workers, bank employees, etc.
  • Romance frauds: Many scammers use dating websites and apps to get closer to their victims and receive the necessary information. Statistics show that a big percentage of funds lost to romance scams involved cryptocurrency specifically.
  • Fake giveaways: Social media is often used to post fake giveaways that encourage people to donate crypto to receive even more money. Accounts posting such information usually look trustworthy or even pretend to be credible people to scam crypto users.
  • Phishing: It is a tactic for gathering private data from users. It usually involves crypto wallet keys that are used to gain access to the money. Cryptocurrency wallets are highly secure, and normally, the only way to get in there is to use the key, which is a set of numbers. People might receive or click on some links online and go to meticulously crafted web pages that require entering these keys. As soon as the person shares their private data, scammers receive this info and use it to their advantage.
  • Blackmailing: In this scenario, scammers contact crypto owners and claim to know about their activity on adult websites or other forbidden platforms. They then demand compensation in the form of crypto tokens to remain silent.
  • Investing: Using your money for investing has always been associated with many risks. One of these risks is dealing with scammers who take the money and run or fail to provide the promised services. The same goes for cryptocurrencies as they are often used as an asset for investing.

There are not all cryptocurrency scams that you might encounter, but the described ones are the most popular. Try to keep them in mind to avoid potentially fishy situations.

Recovering Lost Crypto

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to avoid various crypto frauds. If you have already lost your money or suspect that you are dealing with a scammer, you can report their activity. Broker Complaint Alert will help you recover your lost funds after submitting an appropriate report. Here are the services that BCA provides:

  • Assessing each case: When a report is submitted to the website, BCA goes through an assessment to engage the right specialist. A professional will be assigned to this case to deal with all the issues.
  • Top-quality customer support: All clients can receive amazing customer support whenever assistance is needed. Client care managers will answer any questions regarding cryptocurrency scams and other online frauds.
  • Recovering crypto: BCA does everything to recover the lost funds. All the necessary authorities are invited to assist with the case.
  • Unique solutions: Every case is unique, and a comprehensive strategy is created for each client. This is necessary to find the most efficient solution to the problems.

To start the money recovery process, you should file a complaint on the Broker Complaint Alert website. Here is what you need to do:

  • Go to the “Report a scam” section on the website.
  • In the form, provide all required information, including your name, contacts, country, email, the amount of crypto you have lost, and all the details about your situation.
  • Submit your report and wait for a BCA specialist to contact you.

When filing a report, describe your experience as precisely as possible. Every detail could be crucial to solve your case and return all lost cryptocurrency.

Avoiding Cryptocurrency Scams

Useful tips will help you avoid most crypto scams. You should always learn about new types of cryptocurrency fraud to stay alert. Here are some tips that you might find useful:

  • Never give out your crypto wallet keys. There are no services or authorities that need to know this information. Only you should know your crypto key.
  • Do not engage with brokers or investors that promise quick gains. While it is possible to earn money with crypto rather quickly, it depends on how you buy and sell the tokens based on price fluctuations.
  • If you see a giveaway or some crypto offer from famous people or reputable personalities, always make sure these profiles are not fake or hacked. It is simple to learn that the account is fake.
  • Do not send money or personal information to potential romantic interests you meet online. Always meet in person or via a video call to ensure that this person is real and not a scammer pretending to be someone else.

One of the best pieces of advice regarding crypto trading and usage is avoiding rash decisions. Always research a service or person you want to trade with. If you lose money, act quickly and contact the recovery services immediately.


With the growing popularity of cryptocurrency usage, many new types of fraud appear. Online scammers can steal your personal data and money, and it is important to act carefully. Scammers can either lure your personal info or trick you into sending them money. Even if this happens, you can recover your funds with the help of BCA. Gather all the details of your trade or interaction with the scammers and submit a report. Crypto recovery professionals will guide you through the process.

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