Crypto Price Experts Reveal These 2 Tokens As Must-Have Altcoins In 2023

Uwerx - Crypto Price Experts Reveal

As 2023 is projected to come with more price pumps and be a better year compared to 2022, the crypto market is beginning to accumulate some gains. While this is happening, some altcoins are performing better than others. Uwerx is a new crypto on presale with the potential to yield some good returns. This article discusses the new project and The Graph(GRT) as two altcoins with equal potential for some exciting price pump. 

The Graph (GRT)

The Graph (GRT) is a distinct crypto network that works to make data accessible in the crypto landscape. Graph (GRT) is a pioneer in decentralized data indexing and retrieval. It acts as a crucial infrastructure layer, linking blockchain networks with data that are available and easily accessible. 

The Graph (GRT) network recently got $205M in funding from notable investment companies like Reciprocal Ventures, Multicoin Capital, Digital Currency Group, and others. The fund was intended to accelerate processes on the crypto platform, ultimately supporting its goals of bringing Web3 to fruition. 

The network’s native token GRT, is among the few crypto tokens in the green currently, having gained 2.3% in value over the last 24 hours. The crypto has also seen some exciting spikes in price action, with an increase of 119.18% in trading volume. GRT’s general sentiments lean in a more bullish direction, and as the network sees more investors, experts expect more upside and massive bullish waves. 

Uwerx (WERX) Could Outperform The Graph (GRT)

While the general sentiment for The Graph (GRT) seems bullish, the token does not offer as many opportunities as Uwerx. Uwerx, the newest wave in the freelance industry, aims to bring the best of blockchain solutions to the gig economy. 

The freelance industry is experiencing exponential growth, and many statistics and factual data back this fact. According to data obtained from Mastercard, the number of freelancers in 2023 is almost double the figure from 2018, rising from 43 to 78 million. The gig economy is large, and it keeps growing daily. 

Uwerx is a project looking to introduce blockchain solutions into this space and contribute to its development. The project intends to solve some of the most prominent issues in the sector with its lower 1% service fees and other unique solutions. Uwerx is currently offering WERX tokens at a discounted price of $0.047725 with a 15% purchase bonus. However, please note that the price is set to increase to $0.05245 today at 18:00 UTC (Monday, 10th). We recommend taking advantage of this opportunity and purchasing WERX tokens promptly. 

The token is an opportunity to have a stake in the network and help investors accumulate gains. Use the links below to join WERX on presale. 





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